• The Male Multiple Orgasm: It's No Urban Legend

    While any connoisseur of foreplay will tell you that the work leading up to that earth-shaking orgasm is more than half the fun of sex, there’s no arguing that the climax itself is a treasure none of us would want to sacrifice. But for most guys, no matter how much time is invested in foreplay, the climactic explosion is over rather quickly. Well, what if you could fire off a barrage of climaxes without worrying about a lengthy reload time? After all, why should the “multiple O” be for ladies only?

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  • Reno 911! Creators Tom Lennon and Ben Garant Discuss Bringing Every (Uncensored) Episode to DVD

    If you’ve been aching for more short shorts and porny mustaches in your life, don’t worry—Lieutenant Dangle and Deputy Junior are back. Reno 911!: The Complete Uncensored Seriesis about to hit stores, and the 16-disc behemoth includes every episode of the show with a trove of bonus features. That’s more than enough Trudy, Raineesha and Big Mike for fans of the beloved Comedy Central series. Creators and co-stars Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have worked together for years, and since Reno went off the air, they’ve kept plenty busy. The duo penned the Night at the Museum series, wrote the screenplay guide How to Write Movies for Profit and co-directed the film Hell Baby. We sat down with Lennon and Garant, covering everything from what makes for successful improv to exactly how much macho you can fit into a pair of very, very short shorts.

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  • Excessive Butt Sex Linked to Prostate Cancer

    Bad news guys: a new study from the University of Montréal has found that promiscuous gay men have a significantly higher risk of developing prostate cancer than either straight men or gay guys who’ve only had one partner.

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  • Ellen Marries George Clooney for Halloween

    Ellen DeGeneres has always made an effort at Halloween, dressing as Sofia Vergara in 2012 and Nicki Minaj last year. She’s stepped her game up for 2014 though, appearing on her show as Amal Alamuddin, with George Clooney strapped to her arm.

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  • Drew Droege Presents Chloë's Love of Horror

    Frontiers' own Drew Droege, whom we proclaimed as "Hollywood's Hardest Working Man" last December, spends quite a bit of time on-camera as a woman—as indie film and fashion darling Chloé Sevigny, to be exact. The latest Chloë short film is horror-themed, just in time for the night's Halloween festivities.
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  • Coming to TV: Ellen Launches Entertainment Video Site, Jim Parsons Speaks Elf

    The latest project news from Ellen DeGeneres will have many surprised that she hadn’t done it before now. The talk show host and her production arm have put together a new entertainment video site called Ellentube. The website and iOS app will feature clips and short films connected to The Ellen Degeneres Show.
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  • Pat Robertson Compares Houston to Biblical City That Defended 'Rapist Homosexuals' (Video)


    In his usual over-the-top style, Pat Robertson Thursday night warned on “The 700 Club” that the city of Houston could be punished by God in the same way the Bible reports God punished the city of Gibeah when it defended what Robertson called a group of “militant homosexuals” who raped a woman.

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  • Majority of Americans Think Churches Shouldn't Discriminate Against LGBTs when Hiring

    A new poll has found that more than half of Americans believe that no employers should be exempt from a federal law banning discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity when hiring, including churches and religious businesses.

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  • Artist Turns Grindr Profiles into Watercolor Paintings

    Australian artist Adam Seymour spends his time browsing Grindr profiles, which isn’t that strange. What’s more unusual is what he does next, as Seymour turns profiles into watercolor paintings.

    Seymour’s G-Force project has been going since 2012, and sees him capture some of the strangest profiles that he finds on the service. He told Buzzfeed:

    “I began the project as I had become intrigued by the idea of our private worlds being made public through social media.

    We reveal our most wild, deviant, sexual, fantastical selves to the digital universe, for anyone to see, and yet, for some reason, maintain this subconscious expectation that only our desired audience will see it.”

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  • Prang Runs for County Assessor, Trumpets Clean Up of Corruption

    Jeffrey Prang has been in and around the halls of city, county and state government for almost 25 years as both an elected official and senior administrator. If elected as L.A. County Assessor on Nov. 4, he would represent more people as an openly gay elected official than Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

    In the trajectory of his political career, Prang, a West Hollywood City Councilmember since 1997, didn’t aspire to be County Assessor, but he stepped up when he realized other candidates were not as qualified for this seemingly mundane, incredibly important job. In 1992, he had worked for then-Assessor Kenny P. Hahn and returned two and a half years ago to help fix the office after the scandal surrounding John Noguez, who is awaiting trial on multiple felony counts of bribery. (Noguez has denied the allegations.)

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