• Alex Minsky Strips to His Skivvies in New 'Charlie by Matthew Zink' Photo Shoot

    Alex Minsky may have lost his right leg in Afghanistan when his truck ran over a landmine, but we'd say he's making the most of what he's got (namely, a gorgeous face and smokin' hot body), as evidenced in a recent swimsuit photo spread shot by Eric Pietrangolare for Charlie by Matthew Zink.

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  • New Cold War in Russia: Is it Freezing Efforts to Further LGBT Rights?

    For Baby Boomers—the generation that lived with the constant threat of nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union—California Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s cryptic one-word answer to CNN’s Candy Crowley was chilling. “Do you believe that U.S.-Russian relations are now at Cold War levels?” Crowley asked on her Sunday show. “Yes,” Feinstein responded without taking a beat.

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  • Tonight on TV: Catwalks, Cast-Offs and Late-Night Chats

    The 13th season of Project Runway debuts tonight and while it’s not an All Star edition, there will be one returning contestant. Through the Runway Redemption Instagram campaign, fans have been entering their choices for the return of a prior season favorite. Those choices have been filtered down to Season 12's Ken Laurence and Alexander Pope plus season 11's Amanda Valentine who will learn their fate and chance at redemption on the opening episode. Only two Southern California residents are found among this years crop, which includes L.A. residents Angela Sum and Carrie Sleytskaya. Judges Heidi KlumNina Garcia and Zac Posen, and feedback master Tim Gunn are back to share their expertise and dwindle the numbers down to the title-worthy. Read More

  • How Much Would it Cost to Look Like Batman?

    Comic-Con is in full swing down in San Diego this weekend, and superheroes are understandably expected to dominate. Cosmetic surgery community site RealSelf have decided to celebrate by taking a look at how much it would cost to surgically transform yourself into the Caped Crusader - or at least a naked version, as they didn’t factor in gadgets and a costume.

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  • The Sundays' 'Summertime' is Our Throwback Thursday Song of the Day

    TBT to the opening track on the Sundays' 1997 final album, a wistful, tumble through the daisies, grass-stained take on love's confusion, disappointment and hope. Never considered ground-breaking, the Sundays did stand out for their quality of craft. Few bands today pay as much attention to lyrical detail, or contrast lyrics and music so effectively; for example: "Do some people wind up, with the one that they abhor/In a distant hell hole room, third world war/But all I see is films where a colorless despair/Meant angry young men with immaculate hair" sung with a soft, almost adolescent vocal (courtesy the band's star, Harriet Wheeler) amid cheerful, jangly guitars. CHVRCHES comes close. Read More
  • Comic-Con 2014: The Perfect Overlap of Gay and Geek Cultures

    On July 24, as throngs of Southern California’s nerd communities fill the San Diego Convention Center, you’ll probably see a pair of gay teenagers walking hand-in-hand through the crowd, dressed as Marvel Comics’ premier adolescent same-sex couple, Wiccan and Hulking. You’re just as likely to witness a pixyish lesbian flitting from one stall to the next decked out as a feminized Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. And please God let there be a Namor the Submariner clad in nothing but a shimmering green speedo, swimming through the convention floor’s ocean of flannel and snarky T-shirts.

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  • AIDS Research World Devastated by Attack on MH17

    Of the 298 victims of the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, nearly 100 passengers were heading to the 20th Annual International AIDS Conference. Despite the tragic loss, the International AIDS Society, which organized the 14,000-person event, never considered cancelling the gathering. 

    The mood in Melbourne, where the victims were heading, was somber. The opening ceremony of the conference included a memorial to the victims, which included researchers, clinicians and advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The IAS released a statement saying, “At this incredibly sad and sensitive time, the IAS stands with our international family and sends condolences to the loved ones of those who have been lost to this tragedy.”

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  • Neel Kashkari: The California GOP's Pro-Gay Gubernatorial Candidate

    Think hard. Google it. Has a Republican candidate for governor ever risked losing the conservative electoral base by marching in a California LGBT Pride parade? Neel Kashkari did. He marched in the 40th San Diego LGBT Pride Parade through Hillcrest on July 19, waving and going to the crowd on the sidelines to shake hands. He had a “great time,” his staff said. Will that help him or hurt him come November?

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  • Colorado Same-Sex Marriage Ban Declared Unconstitutional, Ruling Stayed

    By Flickr user: Sebastian Bergmann Siegburg, Germany [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    Yesterday Colorado’s ban on same-sex marriages was ruled to be unconstitutional by a federal judge, with an immediate stay placed on the ruling until August 25th.

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  • Elton John Biopic Starring Tom Hardy to Cover 'Birth to Rehab'

    Lee Hall, the screenwriter for the upcoming Elton John biopic starring Tom Hardy, has announced that it will tell the singer’s story “from birth to rehab.”

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