AHF Wins Key Battle in Crusade to Police California's Porn
Posted 4/25/2013 1:10:00 PM

Last November, voters in Los Angeles County passed a controversial measure backed by the L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation that requires performers in adult films to wear condoms for all shoots, and soon that requirement may extend from Crescent City to San Diego.

AHF has taken their crusade to police California’s adult entertainment to Sacramento, where today it has cleared an important hurdle, the Assembly Labor Committee. And though it faces additional obstacles, AHF’s condom mandate could soon be the law of the land, and that could force California’s $10 billion porn industry out of the Golden State.

From the LA Weekly:

The committee could have killed the bill. But now that it seems to be on its way to the full assembly (it has to get through the Appropriations Committee next), it could pass. And if that happens, it could make the industry put up or shut up regarding its threats to leave California over condoms.

Already, L.A. county voters in November approved such a rule, prompting a dive in porn-shoot permits locally and a reported hush-hush exodus to Ventura County. A statewide law would mean there's nowhere to hide from condoms.

Adult video's titans say consumers won't buy condom porn and that its monthly testing protocol for performers is safe enough.
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  1. Mark Hubbard posted on 04/25/2013 02:37 PM
    "nowhere to hide" . . . except in the other 49 states.
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