Who Will Watch Tonight's 'Glee' Finale?
Posted 5/9/2013 2:30:00 PM

I've often been puzzled by the number of fans who have given up on Fox's musical hit Glee. The series has often introduced me to the work of artists I was unfamiliar with and has allowed me to enjoy a frequent heart-tugging moment. But recent episodes like the salute to the music of Stevie Wonder and a few others have very much fallen flat and felt as if they were written simply to reunite original cast members rather than advance a plot.

Tonight's season finale will hopefully convince me of other reasons to stick it out other than the obvious hotness of cast members Chord Overstreet, Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist. The episode, titled "All or Nothing," offers hope with guest stars Meredith Baxter, the legendary Patty Duke and Jack Plotnick. 

You can catch Glee ensemble member Jane Lynch when she and Game of Thrones' King Slayer, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Waldau's Game of Thrones costar Natalie Dormer shows she's into more than advancement by marrying royalty when she appears on tonight's episode of Elementary on CBS.

Game of Thrones
vet Sean Bean will work for Homeland producer Howard Gordon in the new TNT series Legend. The 10-episode spy thriller is based on Robert Littell's novel about a deep-cover operative who can chameleon himself into different people as needed. Yet despite being a man of many faces, his own identity comes into question when he meets a stranger with new information about his past. The cast will include The Practice's Steve Harris, Heroes vet Ali Larter, Dexter's Billy Brown and Revenge star Amber Valletta.

The cast of Star Trek Into Darkness continue their media promotional blitz leading up to the film's release next Friday. Benedict Cumberbatch visits David Letterman on this evening's show and will be allowed on Matt Lauer's set for tomorrow morning's The Today Show. Nothing against Cumberbatch, I'm just referring to Lauer's massive ego. The baritone-voiced Brit can also be seen on tomorrow evening's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
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