WTF is the Matter With Kansas?
Posted 3/27/2013 2:22:00 PM

In a move so unbelievable I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around it, lawmakers in Kansas are considering—and close to passing—a bill that would allow state and county health officials the authority to unilaterally place individuals living with HIV into a state of quarantine, a practice Kansas banned way back in 1988.

The proposed bill—HB 2183—is being touted as a measure to aid firefighters, EMTs and other “first responders” who might be inadvertently exposed to blood or other bodily fluids and who must obtain a court order under current law to test that blood for infectious diseases. It is a policy which sounds completely reasonable until you couple that with the power to indefinitely isolate an individual from society on the say so of some rural bureaucrat.

Here is the language of the law:

The secretary of health and environment is authorized to issue such orders and adopt rules and regulations as may be necessary to prevent the spread and dissemination of diseases injurious to the public health, including, but not limited to, providing for the testing for such diseases and the isolation and quarantine of persons afflicted with or exposed to such diseases. No later than January 1, 2014, the secretary shall develop and adopt rules and regulations providing for the protection of individuals who provide medical or nursing services, clinical or forensic laboratory services, emergency medical services and firefighting, law enforcement and correctional services, or who provide any other service {or individuals who receive any such services} or are in any other employment where the individual may encounter occupational exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials.

 Thanks to Joe My God for pointing out this madness.

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  1. Jamie Gardner posted on 03/27/2013 09:37 PM
    This makes no sense, seeing as HIV cannot live outside the human body beyond a few seconds without dying. It is very sensitive to temperature, which has to be maintained in order for transmission to take place. I mean, are they thinking fire fighters will be responding with open wounds, or that they will be sharing IV drugs in this situation? Even if these first responders had open sores they wound need to be basically arterial to really have any danger! I if they feel a serious and constant threat I would think of putting them on a preventative course of ARV's before anything this extreme! I have a child with full blown AIDS. I have been soaked in vomit, urine, feces and even had his blood on me. A simple pair of Latex gloves will suffice.
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