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Comedy for a Cause
Tales from the VIP Table of TransYouth Speak
My regular readers know that I rarely walk a red carpet and tell. Oh, who am I kidding? Walking red and then relaying the details is my bread and butter! And while I usually whip up a snippy, undercutting observation or two for y'all, this recent event was simply awesome. Zach Galifianakis, Tig Notaro, Reggie Watts, Patton Oswalt and Ian Harvie—perhaps you’ve heard of them? (Of course you have!) All were under the same roof, performing comedy live on the Wiltern stage to support the awesome nonprofit program TransYouth Speak, a grassroots initiative that helps transgender youth find their voice ...
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Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Of the two men I have truly and genuinely cared for, never once was it love at first sight. In wooing Yours Truly it often takes months of fancy dinners, lavish gifts and a clandestine glance over my man’s shoulder at the ATM to ensure there are at least six digits (left of the decimal) worth of savings in his bank account. That said, it’s with shock and awe that I profess my love to a man I met last night—and by ‘met’ I mean creepily stared at across the Oil Can Harry’s dance floor in a drunken Smirnoff-saturated haze ...
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Feisty Art Heist
Lord knows that if you're a lover of scantily clad muscle men sporting suggestive, sexy wares while giving good face, you no doubt have more than one of a certain photographer’s coffee table books in your home. Yes, while many aspiring photogs are penny-pinching to make ends meet, this behind-the-camera artist is snapping shots of WeHo’s hottest hunks and raking in the big bucks. I found this to be true the night of the Oscars, when I was invited (through a friend of a friend of a friend’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend) to the photographer’s Hollywood Hills home for little Tinseltown celebratory ...
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Twerking Twinks and Muscle Daddies
Twerking Twink Don't get me wrong—I’m all about moving and grooving to the beat. I honestly, unabashedly, firmly believe that every gay should be forever sauntering to a soundtrack in their head. Yes, a dance mix a day keeps the doctor away. Some twinks seem to believe Santa Monica Boulevard is their own private dance studio. Bump and grind in the backroom at Micky’s? Fine! Drop it like it’s hot on the dance floor at The Abbey? Totally! Use the 24 Hour Fitness pool as your own private synchronized aqua-aerobics ballroom? I am totally onboard with that! The vegetable aisle ...
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Bearded Lady
As a recovering actor, yours truly has quite a few semi-famous model/ actor/singer/dancer friends in my iPhone. Soap stars, popstars and Teen Beat cover boys—oh my! Let’s just say that my dinner parties boast quite the interesting guest list of what’s-her-faces and isn’t-that-the-guy-froms. Often it’s these clandestine little friendships that supply me with the gossip my readers love so much, and this week is no different, because here I have a ‘bearded’ lady coming out to y’all—sort of.You see, apparently too many male musicians have been coming out as ‘bisexual’ of late, and that’s not good for business. While ...
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Chihuahua Shade
As I spend my Sundays binge-drinking mojitos at The Abbey, I do my best not to judge the people and personality disorders who strut on by. Oh, who am I kidding? Afternoon Bacardi busts at this homo watering hole are ripe with opinionated shade, and I stand as no exception. I usually keep my comments to myself, but there’s a ridiculousness that has gone on far too long, and it must be addressed here and now! To the man who has been bringing his “therapy” chihuahua into the bar around 3 p.m., I am sincerely asking you to find a ...
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Celebrity Sob Story
I am almost embarrassed to tell you what I did this New Year's Eve as it was ever so unfabulous of me. Long gone are my years spent spinning and sashaying on the circuit party dance floor. Also disappeared are my questionable stumbles and tumbles down Santa Monica Boulevard roundabout last call. Honestly, after turning the big 3-0 last July, my body is well-worn and ragged from a decade of barely remembered self-abuse, and that's why this year, I decided to do the unthinkable. I stayed in!  Yes, being me in my Prada pajamas on my couch with my Persian ...
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Gays Gone Wild
I’m terrified of the QueFeMa [pronounced kwee-fee-mah] ... and, frankly, y’all ought to be, too. No, I’m not talking about some on-the-verge-of-erupting volcano just outside Malibu or Paris Hilton’s new dance single. No, the aforementioned term represents something far more terrifying—the gaggle of gays oft referred to as the Queer Fetal Mafia.Yes, folks, as yesteryear’s Hollywood executives age away, a whole new generation of gay Tinseltown twinks are taking to the scene, their hungry eyes ready to dominate the entertainment industry. And while they make me both cry and dry-heave, I have a confession to make.I am semi-dating ...
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2013’s Juiciest Tidbits
Another year come and gone. 2013 was spent bringing you the best and messiest gossip WeHo has to offer. This issue, I want to take a look back and bring you my favorite tidbits from the past year. 5. Attack of the Slutty Squirrel Regular readers will remember the month of May when I got a bit self-indulgent. How could I not? I was in the Midwest keeping it in my pants while my BF was not. My man invited a guy he met at Oil Can Harry’s—who was employed as a roller derby squirrel mascot, I might add—into our ...
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The Surprise of the Century
It’s been nearly two weeks since we've stuffed ourselves with far too much Thanksgiving meat, but that’s no reason for our giving of thanks to end. As we stumble (some of us quite literally) into the most consumerist time of year, it’s important to remember the things that shape our lives with love, purpose and meaning. I’m not referring to WeHo go-go boys or Marix low-carb margaritas. Rather, I’m talking about the beautiful moments that sometimes go unseen in the hustle and bustle that is La La Land. While I usually spend this column tearing Hollywood celebs—and the WeHo boys ...
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