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Getting Fight Ready: Keep On Keeping On
Now that you have your routine up and running, the emphasis will turn to how you keep yourself on point, turning up and doing the necessary work. The keys to remaining attached to a program are variety and goals. Let’s examine each: Variety It is highly unlikely that you will remain excited and motivated about a program which involves doing the same exercises week after week with the only change being small increments in weight ...
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Getting Fight Ready: Dealing With Complications
You exercise in order to stay healthy and to minimize the effects of HIV on the body. You exercise regularly in order to be in the best position possible to face any sicknesses and setbacks that life throws your way. Being sick will affect your fitness program, your routine will be thrown into disarray and you will not be able to exercise while you are ill and during the time you are recovering. Illness is ...
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Getting Fight Ready: Eating For Success
Nutrition is the most important element of your fitness program. The second most important element is your nutrition. In other words, all the hard work you are doing at the gym is grossly underserved if you have a poor diet. Essentially you have to give your body what it needs when it needs it, and learn what is the right amount for you, so that you get enough nutrients and energy to sustain your body ...
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Getting Fight Ready: Get Moving
Be aware of any physical limitations/injuries you have before you begin an exercise program and modify your movements accordingly. If you are unsure what these injuries are or how to modify your exercises then see a doctor/physical therapist and/or hire a personal trainer. Hiring a personal trainer even for a short period is an invaluable investment. I know it is in my interest to say this, but it is really the case. What a good ...
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Getting Fight Ready: Protecting Muscle with Resistance Training
How exercise can best serve you in dealing with HIV
In addition to the health benefits it yields for all people, exercise has specific advantages for HIV-positive people and attaining these advantages should be the focus of your program. In a nutshell, the aim of your exercising should be to gain and maintain/protect lean muscle mass. We can put it that simply because the exercises which bring this about are the ones which will yield the widest HIV specific benefits, and because studies have shown ...
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Getting Fight Ready: The Results
How exercise can best serve you in dealing with HIV
So it’s positive. You’re thinking, “It’s the end." You’re angry, scared, numb. This test result, unexpected and unwanted, is a defining moment in your life, but it does not have to define you. Many choices need to be made: medical, who to disclose to and if you even should, implications for your future social and sexual life, sudden awareness of your mortality. The choices you make at this time affect many things. It is as ...
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