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Chatting Up Stephen Collins: Palm Springs’ Man About Modernism
You probably know Stephen Collins as the irrepressibly dashing and undeniably urbane host of Bravo’s Property Envy, the panel talk show he presided over alongside property expert Jeff Lewis, interior designer Mary McDonald and Chicago-based real estate guru Brandie Malay.   However, I first met the Renaissance man in his pre-television days back in London when he was the proprietor of a jaw-dropping emporium that he had opened as a showcase for all the magnificent ...
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London: Do It LIke A Royal, Part II
Once safely (and royally) ensconced in my accommodations at The Goring, I set off to explore a few more of the more interesting names on my roster of Royal Warrant Holders, that grand coalition of people and companies whose products and services buttress the royal patina “By Appointment.”  At the top of my list was a bit of shopping at Fortnum & Mason, which was just recently graced by the first official joint ...
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London: Do It LIke A Royal
Who says you need a tiara to live like a royal? Sure, royalty may be to London as Wall Street is to New York, or as Hollywood is to Los Angeles, but it does not necessarily follow that one needs either a crown or a royal bloodline in order to live like a queen in England’s capital city. In fact, all one actually needs is a modicum of desire, a speck of pluck and a ...
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supperclub The Restaurant: A Dinner Spectacle
My first brush with the supperclub experience took place in London, when one of my smartest friends invited me to his birthday celebration at the Notting Hill-based outpost of the hotspot, which was at the time still such an underground secret that even the generally extremely knowledgeable London taxi drivers had no idea where it was, what it was or how to get there. Thankfully, with a little help, I finally arrived just in time ...
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Très: Très Chic
In Los Angeles, mention the name José Andrés and you’ll likely hear shrill, near-orgasmic moans about the James Beard award-winning chef’s celebrated restaurant at the SLS, The Bazaar, to which foodies local and otherwise make regular pilgrimages. That the Philippe Starck-designed Bazaar has reached the apex of the ever-changing list of Los Angeles hotspots and remained there is a testament to its stylish environs and, most importantly, to Chef Andrés’ delectably innovative signature menu, via which ...
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Washington School House Hotel: Old School, New Cool
The phrase 'back to school' has never sounded particularly luxurious, but when the school referred to is the Washington School House Hotel in Park City, Utah, luxury is precisely the term that comes to mind. The hotel’s unassuming façade in tandem with its location on a quiet, residential street just above the hum of the city’s main drag, with its menagerie of mountain-urban chic eateries, art galleries and folksy, local watering holes—these things are but understated ...
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Rollin' on an L.A. River
Part Two
Life is filled with defining moments, and a few weeks ago I had one of my own as I stared down a challenge to kayak the L.A. River with steely determination. OK, so that’s a bit dramatic.Read Part One of this L.A. River expedition by clicking here.  For this challenge, Barry explained that we would have to navigate an even narrower space between two rocks and then immediately "rudder right" (whatever that meant). Again, ...
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Rollin’ on an L.A. River
Part One
Life is filled with defining moments, and a few weeks ago I had one of my own as I stared down a challenge to kayak the L.A. River with steely determination. OK, so that’s a bit dramatic.  There wasn’t actually a stare down or determination with any kind of mettle. And it wasn’t so much a challenge as it was a friendly ask from a good friend to join him in an activity that ...
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Remembering Normandy
Let Us Never Forget
For years, I honestly didn’t understand the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. The fact that the former honors the brave men and women who have died during military service while the latter recognizes all veterans of the armed forces, living or dead, was a distinction that had always been quite lost on me, even though my own mother had served in the Army.   Being old enough to remember crying like a babe ...
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Bernhoft: The Voice of Norwegian Soul
In a week when everyone seemed to be buzzing about Justin Timberlake, I found myself rapt by the intricately layered sounds of Bernhoft, the Norwegian retro-soul sensation who is currently barnstorming across North America igniting venues with his uniquely inspired blend of socially conscious musings and quirkily groovalicious beats.   He may not yet be a household name in the States, but it’s only a matter of time before he is. Since releasing his sophomore ...
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