• WeHo’s Food Revolution: How the City Changed California Cuisine

    The other day a friend called to tell me that Petit Trois, a smart-sounding bar-with-food, had opened next to the culinary mini-mecca Trois Mec at Highland and Melrose. You might ask what we have done to deserve not just one but two places by Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre, one of France’s and now America’s most prominent chefs. A lot, it turns out.

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  • DTLA Theater District Makes a Comeback—70 Years After Its Big Break

    After hitting its peak in the 1930s, L.A.'s Theater District went dark. Architectural masterpieces were buried under wholesale jewelry stores, swap meets and discount electronics. Most auditoriums went decades without seeing people and instead were used for storage. The few theaters lucky enough to make use of their seats were those leased by Spanish-speaking churches. But thanks to Ace Hotel and City Councilman Jose Huiraz’s “Bring Back Broadway” revival campaign, the Theater District is getting ready for its moment in the spotlight once again.
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  • Alley Hookups & Bathroom Blowjobs: A History of Gay Cruising in L.A.

    If you log on to Squirt.org, an online directory of cruising locations, you’ll have your choice of 208 places in L.A. to snag a quickie. Even in the era of Craigslist, Grindr and, hell, the loud-and-proud Santa Monica Boulevard strip, seeking out sex in the shadows persists. But remember for decades it was the only way. If you wanted to enjoy the company of another man, you had to find the right place. While cruising declined with the advent of AIDS, those looking for anonymous thrills still hit up the city’s darker parks for fun. Here are some of L.A.’s most notable cruising spots, from long-gone sex shops to bathhouses going strong.
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  • L.A. Safari: 26 Celebrity Stomping Grounds of Young Bucks, Designer Lapdogs & The Occasional Cougar

    This concrete jungle is replete with wildlife—of the rich and famous variety—and we’ve got them all in our sights, from young bucks and designer lapdogs to the occasional cougar.

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  • The 5 Degrees of L.A.’s Vintage Obsession—and Where to Feed Your Need

    Los Angeles is a city obsessed—with health, with food, with cars, with sex, with youth, with celebrity, with new. And yet, despite our fixation with shiny and bright, we’re consumed by our obsession with vintage. What exactly is this vintage we can’t get enough of? Technically speaking, it’s any item 50 to 100 years old (any older and it becomes an antique), but really it’s the catch-all label applied to anything representing a period of time that’s been reshaped into an ideal far more romantic and soft-focus than reality ever was. 

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  • 'Space Station 76 Director Jack Plotnick Takes Command of Outfest

    One of Los Angeles' most revered local talents, Jack Plotnick takes command of this year's Outfest with his '70s throwback sci-fi spoof Space Station '76. But before you catch his heartfelt comedy at the LGBT film fest's closing night event, read what he has to say about making the film, currently the project on every local film-lover's lips.

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  • Lisa Vanderpump, Reality TV's Classiest Act, Celebrates a Renewed Bravo Deal and Her New WeHo Hotspot

    Emerging from an annus horriblus—which saw her fellow Housewives turn on her and a slough of lawsuits—reality TV’s classiest act celebrates a new deal with Bravo and the WeHo lounge she hopes will be an upscale HQ for gays 

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  • Ian Ziering Has a Body by Chippendales (And You Can, Too)

    Move over, Steve Sanders. Ian Ziering is officially sexier today—at 50 years old, no less—than he was in the ‘90s. Last year, the Beverly Hills 90210 alum metamorphosed his physique when he joined the Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as the production’s guest host. As of this month, Ziering is back in the all-male revue with a body that’s fitter than ever. 

    Of course, fans of camp-tastic sci-fi films will also know Ziering from his Twitter-trending work in the made-for-TV instant cult classic Sharknado, the sequel for which is on its way to viewers. But to get a glimpse of Ziering’s statuesque bod, you’ll have to travel to Vegas for the real thing. The actor’s chiseled torso will be disappointingly absent from Sharknado 2.

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  • Dixie Longate Brings Her Off-Broadway Tupperware Party to the Geffen

    You can never have too much Tupperware, so luckily for us, fast-talking Southern saleswoman Dixie Longate will be peddling her “fantastic plastic crap” here in Los Angeles. Starting July 8, the belle of off-Broadway will be bringing her hit show Dixie’s Tupperware Party to the Geffen Theater. To promote SoCal’s run of the hilarious production, the Alabama trailer park princess dialed us up and gave us a holler.

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  • Horse Meat Disco's New Album Will Leave You Hungry for More

    It’s more than a beloved, all-inclusive queer nightclub event in London’s Vauxhall district—Horse Meat Disco is a movement, a scene and a revival of sorts. Founded by a cadre of DJs and music lovers (James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Severino and “Filthy” Luke Howard), the male collective spins the sounds of classic and rare disco, Italo funk and happy synth pop on dance floors all over the globe. They also curate and mix these gems for mass consumption, as they’ve done with the release of the two-disc Horse Meat Disco Vol. IV. I spoke with Howard about what makes horse meat taste so good. Read More