• Gay for Pay: Why the Obsession, and Are They Really Straight?

    We’re obsessed with straight men who have sex with guys on-camera—but are they really straight, and more importantly, why do we care?
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  • Why Is Hollywood So Afraid of Male Full-Frontal?

    It’s no secret the big and small screens are skiddish when it comes to exposing the male body, but will film’s looser restrictions on D&A ever make their way to television? We’ve just about had it with the ‘boob tube’ and wanna know, where’s the weiner?

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  • Male Nudity in Hollywood: 23 Instances of the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Kevin Bacon

    In our recent story Why Is Hollywood So Afraid of Male Full-Frontal?, we examined why Hollywood is so skittish when it comes to exposing the male body, and asked whether the film industry's looser restrictions on D&A (that's "dick and ass") will ever make their way to television. I mean, we've had it with the "boob tube"—where's the weiner?

    Now we present a cursory (by no means exhaustive) examination of male nudity in TV and film, including the good, the bad, the ugly and, of course, the Kevin Bacon.
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  • The NFL and Domestic Abuse: What's an LGBT Fan to Do?

    This is the definition of a delusional disconnect. In May 2011, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice—who is now at the center of an ever-widening cyclone of controversy about domestic violence—was the featured speaker at an anti-bullying forum organized by the family of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide after intense cyber-bullying.

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  • iHeartRadio Music Festival—Not So Secretly Gay?

    The recording industry may be on tenuous ground, but the music festival remains a robust American mainstay. These extravaganzas tap into the zeitgeist (and the wallets) of a generation, and in doing so become cultural manifestations of the eras that inspire them. Woodstock found its soul—and a muse—in 1960s hippie counterculture. Lollapalooza successfully tapped into the alternative and grunge movements of the early ‘90s. Today’s iHeartRadio Music Festival may not advertise its demographic inspiration, but it’s got gay written all over it.

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  • Meet Ferras, Pop Music's New Queer Voice

    When Ferras released his debut album, Aliens & Rainbows, in 2008, he was a twentysomething solo artist facing an uphill battle in an ever-changing music industry landscape. The track “Hollywood’s Not America” received exposure as part of American Idol’s seventh season, but the record sold slowly, and Ferras seemed to retreat from public view.

    He was anything but idle during this time, co-writing songs with Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and many others and releasing an interim EP in 2010 called Interim – The Time Between. Of course he also continued honing his craft.

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  • 'Space Station 76 Director Jack Plotnick Takes Command of Outfest

    One of Los Angeles' most revered local talents, Jack Plotnick takes command of this year's Outfest with his '70s throwback sci-fi spoof Space Station '76. But before you catch his heartfelt comedy at the LGBT film fest's closing night event, read what he has to say about making the film, currently the project on every local film-lover's lips.

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  • Lisa Vanderpump, Reality TV's Classiest Act, Celebrates a Renewed Bravo Deal and Her New WeHo Hotspot

    Emerging from an annus horriblus—which saw her fellow Housewives turn on her and a slough of lawsuits—reality TV’s classiest act celebrates a new deal with Bravo and the WeHo lounge she hopes will be an upscale HQ for gays 

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  • Ian Ziering Has a Body by Chippendales (And You Can, Too)

    Move over, Steve Sanders. Ian Ziering is officially sexier today—at 50 years old, no less—than he was in the ‘90s. Last year, the Beverly Hills 90210 alum metamorphosed his physique when he joined the Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as the production’s guest host. As of this month, Ziering is back in the all-male revue with a body that’s fitter than ever. 

    Of course, fans of camp-tastic sci-fi films will also know Ziering from his Twitter-trending work in the made-for-TV instant cult classic Sharknado, the sequel for which is on its way to viewers. But to get a glimpse of Ziering’s statuesque bod, you’ll have to travel to Vegas for the real thing. The actor’s chiseled torso will be disappointingly absent from Sharknado 2.

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  • Dixie Longate Brings Her Off-Broadway Tupperware Party to the Geffen

    You can never have too much Tupperware, so luckily for us, fast-talking Southern saleswoman Dixie Longate will be peddling her “fantastic plastic crap” here in Los Angeles. Starting July 8, the belle of off-Broadway will be bringing her hit show Dixie’s Tupperware Party to the Geffen Theater. To promote SoCal’s run of the hilarious production, the Alabama trailer park princess dialed us up and gave us a holler.

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