Hollywood Meets the Dance Floor
A chat with Taryn Manning
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You probably know her from film and television, but Taryn Manning is about to demand your attention with her music. The actress and dance music aficionado has recently released a dance track that's taking over the clubs with it's hands-in-the-air attitude. "Send Me Your Love" was done with Sultan and Ned Shepard and is currently available on iTunes. 

chatted with Manning about her music career, comparing the creative releases that come from acting and singing, and her love of the gay community. 

How do you maintain both careers, considering the amount of time they both can take?
I'm not exactly sure how I do it. I've not stopped to ever think of “my formula' per se, but I do believe that with the right team, organization, plenty of rest and love, it can be managed quite easily and still be fun. That's most important.

How would you compare the creative release of singing versus acting?
Release in the sense of PR and strategy, or release in the sense of adrenaline and endorphins? [Laughs] I'd go with the immediate gratification you feel when you perform live or get done laying your vocals down in the studio to a song you wrote all the words and melody of. Its quite a nice natural rush, I must say. I haven't had the privilege of writing and directing a film yet, but I can imagine it feels very similar. There's truly nothing that feels better than seeing the fruits of your labor come to fruition..

When did you first delve into music?
I started singing before I could talk. I made crazy sounds as a baby, apparently. I started making music with my brother Kellin a long long time ago, and we formed a group called Boomkat in 1999. We were signed to Dreamworks and had a heck of an adventure. I grew up around music my whole life. It's in my blood. Now I've ventured into my solo stuff so I can explore my love for dance music!

Your song "Send Me Your Love" has a message that's refreshing to hear in dance music, though the best description I have heard of the song is that it is more of “a call to action." Would you say that's accurate?
Yeah, it's a call to action—when in doubt, just shout it out! Love is all around us, you just have to ask for it. Call it God, call it angels, call it our beloved pets or loved ones, but it's out there, and thats what I wrote about.

Is dance music a genre you are comfortable in, or do you write the songs with traditional instruments and then go for a remix?
I believe any good song can be broken down to its fundamental acoustic quality, be it with a guitar or piano. I tend to start there and build the track from there. This song was always a dance song, written on a piano to start. Now, with the remixes, it's a monster dance song!

With dance music, there is an inherent audience of gay people, as we tend to hit the clubs and the dance floors while also staying loyal to the artists we claim. I noticed some same-sex smooching in your video for "Send Me Your Love." Will we see you performing in any gay clubs?
Yes! Thats why my EP is titled Freedom City! Everyone is invited! Even your grandparents! Let's go!

What's next on your musical agenda?
I have a whole lot of new material I've written with wonderful artists, but trying to pick what's going on the EP—due out early fall—that's going be tough. There is quite a variety of goodies to choose from! The "TManning grab bag"—all kinds of candy. Something for everyone. Equal opportunity! Freedom City!




Find "Send Me Your Love" on iTunes here.


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