L.A.'s Most Wanted
Michael Anthony & Aaron Drake

If you’re single, you’ve probably been told that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. But where is this majestic body of water and how do you get there?! Take a closer look and you’ll find that Los Angeles is swimming with so many available men—and women—that it’s just criminal. The good, the bad (when they want to be) and the definitely-not-so-ugly, here are our top 10 most wanted—and all the info you need to make a great catch.

30s, Actor/Performer, L.A., findingnino@rocketmail.com

Worst date ever: With a guy that told me he was 39 years old when he was really 51, then he told me his name was Will when it was really Bill and then he bragged about how much money he has, talked about his fancy car and couldn’t even buy me a lemonade. That was so much fun!

Your perfect mate: Someone who smiles when he dances.

Longest Relationship: 10 freakin' years

Favorite fun thing to do: Sleeping with my dog (a real dog).

If you won the lottery: I’ll buy the 99¢ Only Store on Wilshire and Fairfax. I’ll work-live in it and when my friends come visit, they will take toiletries home—for free!

Most proud of: Celebrating my birthday volunteering with 40 friends at the Los Angeles Food Bank. It was the best ever.

Favorite book: The Color Purple, Giovanni’s Room and Marley & Me

Perfect Sunday morning: Staying in bed until my dog wakes me up to go out. Reaching for the aspirin as I prepare my morning coffee, I’ll try to remember how I got home. Once I figure out where my car is parked, I’ll move it close by and make sure it’s not parked on the Monday side for street cleaning.

Ultimate vacation spot: Planning a four-day hike to Machu Pichu, Peru.

43, Internet Producer/Voice Over, Highland Park, find.seek@yahoo.com

Dream date: An overnight flight to New York, museums, a show and dinner at a dive in Chinatown or a fancy place in Chelsea.

Your perfect mate: My equal. Someone who inspires me to push myself and grow, and who I do the same for. I like people who believe they can change the world and make it a better place; men with passion and goals who have joy in their life.

Longest Relationship: 7 years

Most people don’t know: I used to be a Christmas design expert who traveled around the country building out wholesale showrooms for a holiday décor manufacturer. We used to design $30,000-plus Christmas trees.

Fun thing: Walk my dog, have a great conversation, eat chocolate, drink tea, travel, help someone heal.

Most proud of: I’m most proud of my online TV show, CreateYourHealth.com.

Perfect Sunday morning: Sleeping in and having breakfast in bed—naked, of course—with that awesome man beside me! Oh, and if we were in St. Bart’s that would be cool, too!

Pets or kids: Pets definitely. I love kids, but mostly when I can give them back.

Ultimate vacation spot: Outside of my dream of touring the Ottoman Empire from Italy all the way around the Middle East, down into Africa and ending up in Morrocco, I’d like to visit any tropical island that has a comfortable bed and a beautiful beach. Turks and Caicos come to mind...

30s, Night Club Manager at Girlbar and VIP Host at Cherry Pop, West Hollywood, swebber18@aol.com

Dream date: Spending the entire day at the beach, followed by an amazing dinner and amazing... followed by an amazing breakfast.

Worst date ever: Being stood up.

Your perfect mate: 5’10’’, long brunette hair, runway model—was that shallow?

Your longest relationship: 4 years

Most people don’t know: I’m scared of roller coasters.

If you won the lottery: I would throw a huge party that I don’t have to work at—and then travel the world.

Pets or kids: Pets

Most proud of: Winning the 1999 Women’s World Cup for Soccer.

Makes you laugh: My roommate and how she loves to laugh at all her own jokes.

Makes you cry: The fact that I should really be a much better dancer than I am.

Favorite song: “Here I Go Again” by White Snake

Favorite film: What Dreams May Come

Favorite book: The Power of One

Perfect Sunday morning: Waking up in the big cabana at the Abbey with a cocktail already in hand.

Ultimate vacation spot: The Greek Islands

33, Aerial Acrobat/Co-Creator and Artistic Director of Cirque Berzerk, Downtown L.A., nealknowsbest@gmail.com

Dream date: Dinner and drinks are great and all, but I like a guy that can find fun things to do. I think a day trip to go snorkeling, skiing or something like that would be great.

Worst date ever: “What do you mean you have a boyfriend?”

Your perfect mate: Someone close in age to me that has their stuff together—yet still knows how to have fun; someone that is not really into the bar scene that can be spontaneous and up for an adventure. He would be a physical guy; a participant, not a spectator. More of an East sider kind of guy.

Fun thing: I really like going camping with a group of friends. Cooking and drinking wine around a campfire.

Most proud of: I am proud that I love what I get to do. It is amazing to get to do something you wanted to do your whole life and enjoy it each day.

Favorite film: The Color Purple

Favorite book:
Stand By Me—I guess I never grew up.

Perfect Sunday morning: A short one because I slept in, followed by cooking breakfast. I like to cook.

Pets or kids: I really want both! Right now I would settle for a dog—a boxer named Sarge.

Ultimate vacation spot: I think the ultimate vacation spot would be a private villa on a beach somewhere. No phone, no TV, no computer, no plan.

29, Attorney, Marina del Rey, jakebachelor22@gmail.com

Dream date: My dream date would be to go storm chasing with CNN weatherman Rob Marciano. At the end of the date, he would come out of the closet and profess his undying love for me.

Your perfect mate: My perfect mate is smart, outgoing, funny, loyal and handsome. I tend to prefer a guy’s guy with light hair and eyes, and a great smile. Square, straight teeth are sexy. A deep voice is also good. A nice body doesn’t hurt but is not essential. Above all else, my perfect mate must be kind, caring and love me with all his heart.

Longest relationship:
1.5 years

Most people don’t know: My secret aspiration is to become a CNN anchorman like Anderson Cooper.

Fun thing: Take my yellow lab/pitbull mix, Mikey, to the dog park.

If you won the lottery: First, I would buy a Porsche. Then I would buy my mom a Jaguar (she has always wanted one) and inform her that she never has to work ever again!

Most proud of: Passing the California Bar exam. It was the longest three days of my life, but I was so happy when I passed on the first try!

Favorite film: Tie between My Counsin Vinny and Clueless.

Perfect Sunday morning: Coffee and CNN, followed by beach volleyball and going to the dog park with Mikey.

28, DJ, West Hollywood, callingallsoldiers@gmail.com

Dream date: Dinner on the beach with amazing conversation—in this dream, calories don’t exist so there would be a buffet of foods from around the world, with lobster and chocolate lava cake in high demand. The person across from me is unbelievably sexy and also hysterical, and he gives me a massage after dinner.

Your perfect mate: A guy with confidence, great personality, smart, ambitious, good smile, easy on the eyes, loves to laugh, sense of style and fit.

Your longest relationship: 3.5 years

Fun thing: Laugh with friends over a good meal and a cocktail—aka Happy Hour!

If you won the lottery: I would most definitely take care of my family and give back to those in need. I would own every pair of sneakers and my closet would be ridiculous; own a loft in NYC like the movie Big and a house in L.A. influenced by producer Dallas Austin’s house (Season 15, Episode 1 of MTV’s Cribs).

Most proud of: The chances I’ve taken in life, and my career and the success from my choices. Also the relationship I have with my family.
Makes you laugh: Too many things, but a quick, sassy one-liner, intelligent banter, The Queens of Comedy, Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffin, Lisa Lampanelli and Bon Qui Qui.

Favorite song: “A Black Man in Space (Sax Mix)” by Son of Raw and “Together Again (DJ Premier Remix)” by Janet Jackson

30, Actor and Artist Educator, Chatsworth, vancenotvince@gmail.com

Dream date: A summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl complete with a picnic dinner and wine.

Worst date ever: After watching Carrie 2: The Rage I had to explain to my date how people become half-siblings with visuals.

Your perfect mate: Patient, compassionate, understanding, challenging and with a ridiculous sense of humor.

Longest relationship: 5 years

Most people don’t know: I was once hit on by a one-eyed man—I still don’t know if I should have been flattered or not.

The ultimate vacation spot: I would love to spend more time on the Big Island of Hawaii or bouncing around Asia.

If you won the lottery: Setting up an arts education charity for public school kids, taking care of my family and traveling around the world.

Most proud of: I pulled a homeless man off the tracks of the NYC subway last summer.

Favorite song: “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles (according to my iPod)

Favorite Book: Enigma by Peter Milligan

Perfect Sunday morning:
Lazy brunch with friends outdoors.

Pets or kids:
Kids—can’t wait to mess up my own!

Fun thing: Spending time with friends, cooking, eating, singing, playing games.

45, Hairdresser/Makeup Artist/Image Consultant, Los Feliz, newlifebegins2010@hotmail.com

Dream date: From the moment we meet, it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, time seems to stand still.

Your perfect mate: Someone who is honest, confident but not arrogant. Someone that pays attention to the little things, like what makes you smile or who your favorite singer is. A guy that understands the difference between f*cking and making love; he knows that sometimes just doing the dishes together can be more intimate than sex!

Longest relationship: 14 years

Fun thing: Spend an entire day and evening having a rug picnic—in front of a large-screen TV with lots of good food to eat, watching old films, having sex, making love and then doing it all over again!

Makes you laugh: The last really good laugh I had was because of a story told to me by a friend. It involved a public restroom, Super Glue, some cotton and a penny—that’s all I can say!

Pets or kids: Definitely pets. I once had a sick goldfish in Paris that I ran around for a week trying to find a vet for. They actually laughed at me and told me to just throw it away. One very understanding petshop clerk sold me some stuff to try—the fish ended up living, but turned white as snow. The point is that I can’t imagine what a mess I would have been if that had been my child!

25, Bartender (Fubar and Veev Spirits), Recent UCLA graduate in Cultural Studies, Silver Lake, wilfredoperdomo@ymail.com

Dream date: Lucille Ball

Your perfect mate:
Genuine, secure with himself, open-minded and he’s gotta love me unconditionally.

Your longest relationship:
Almost three years on and off. It was the most magical/torturous time of my life, but I’m so blessed to have felt that kind of love.

Most people don’t know: I’m Cuban. Most assume I’m Italian with a name similar to pasta sauce.

Fun thing: Love having get-togethers with close friends on nights off. Dinner, cards, drinks, you know—the little things that make life kinda beautiful that most take for granted.

Most proud of: My family. They literally stepped off the boat and worked so hard to get to where they are. If it wasn’t for their determination I wouldn’t be where I am. Blessed.

Makes you laugh: Old episodes of I Love Lucy at 4 a.m. when I get home from work.

Makes you cry: Drunk cab rides.

Favorite song: Sia’s “Breathe Me” hits my heart every time.

Favorite film: Drop Dead Gorgeous or Best in Show. I’m a sucker for Mocumentaries.

Favorite book: The one I don’t have to write a research paper over.

51, Casting Director, Los Feliz, sgswims@gmail.com

Dream date: In my job, I have to make decisions all day long and put out a lot of fires. I would love to have a date where I don’t have to plan anything or make one decision for an entire evening. I just want to show up and sit in the passenger seat.

Your perfect mate: I like spending time with handsome, athletic guys who are fun and make me laugh. I need a non-flake with heart and soul—who isn’t allergic to my cats.

Longest relationship:
9 years

Most people don’t know: I have 22 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance saved on my TiVo.

Fun thing: I love a New York theater weekend and hanging out with the NYC boys.

Most proud of: I’ve done the AIDS/LifeCycle twice and have signed up for another.

Favorite song: Too many to choose from, but I sing “Single Ladies” at work  every day (much to the dismay of my co-worker).

Favorite film: Cabaret is my favorite of all time. Recently, I loved An Education.

Ultimate vacation spot: Of the places I’ve been, I love Paris, London and Rio. I would love to explore Italy at some point.

Makes me laugh:
Irony makes me laugh. I love good banter.

Makes me cry: An inspiring performance…and people who are mean.

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