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John Duran Endorses Bobby Shriver for L.A. Supervisor, Ends an LGBT Political Era
In a political post-AIDS, post-marriage equality electoral world, how does the game change?” asked West Hollywood City Councilmember and former Los Angeles County supervisorial candidate John Duran. While LGBT voters are known at times to pick straight over gay candidates, Duran’s endorsement of former Santa Monica City Councilmember and Mayor Bobby Shriver over longtime LGBT advocate Sheila Kuehl in the race for the 3rd District seems to mark a change in gay politics in Los ...
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Obama Delivers Strong Speech at LGBT DNC Fundraiser in NYC While Immigration Equality Protests Deportations
Inside Gotham Hall in New York City Tuesday night, there were cheers and several standing ovations as President Obama addressed LGBT donors to the Democratic National Committee excited by news that he will sign an executive order to protect LGBT employees of federal contractors. Outside, Immigration Equality, GetEQUAL and several immigration groups called for Obama to grant administrative relief to undocumented immigrants and stop deportations that tear families apart, including LGBT DREAMers who have known no ...
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Rick Perry Defends Anti-Gay 'Lifestyle' Remarks
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who will forever be known as the “oops” Republican presidential contender, defended his most recent verbal faux pas on CNBC’s Sqwuak Box Monday morning. During a visit to San Francisco last Wednesday, Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism and suggested that even if a gay person was compelled or genetically coded towards homosexuality, it was still a choice, a decision, to follow that “lifestyle” or not. The Texas Republican Party recently included so-called “reparative ...
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John Waters Gets 'Carsick': An Exclusive Excerpt
John Waters is out to shock us all once again, this time with Carsick, his new book chronicling an eight-day hitchhiking trek west along Route 70, from his home in Baltimore to his San Francisco apartment. Frontiers recently spoke with Waters, who recounted his experiences along the journey ("There was not one bad person. They were all kind and helpful.") and his sordid history with hitchhiking from a young age ("Those were my training wheels")....
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Texas GOP Drafts Platform Touting Psychological Abuse for Minors
The Texas Republican Party is holding its annual state convention for the next couple of days and, aside from the usual anti-gay stances, gay “conversion therapy” is on the agenda as part of their party plank, which makes even funnier the tweet from married lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who just passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). But in fact, Parker and Gov. Rick Perry were together for something serious—they teamed up to launch ...
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Your Guide to the June 3 Primary Elections
For more in depth stories pertianing to the individual primary elections, please go to our Election Guide page here.Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on the June 3 primary elections. But politicos fear that the top two winners—who will compete in November—will actually be chosen by a relative handful of California voters. Apparently apathy now trumps civic responsibility and the recognition of the historic struggle by women and minorities to win the ...
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Exxon Mobil: America’s Most Offensive Company?
Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company,  seems unconcerned about anything but its own profits. The company has given its oil-slick middle finger to its own LGBT employees, to President Obama by continuing to do business with Russia and to the people of New Orleans, who are losing precious wetlands thanks to the political shananigans.  Last Wednesday, May 28, company shareholders voted for the 17th time to deny a policy to ...
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Rep. Adam Schiff Takes on the AIDS/ LifeCycle Ride
The two events seem worlds apart—dealing with a House Republican investigation into the already thoroughly investigated terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens in Benghazi, and the desire to ride 545 miles for seven days from San Francisco to L.A., June 1-7, to raise money for the ongoing fight against AIDS. But both are challenges to the wit, strength and temperament of Rep. Adam Schiff .  As a senior member of the Intelligence Committee, Nancy Pelosi asked ...
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Bearded Drag Queen Conchita Wurst Triumphs Over Homophobes
The homophobes saw it coming. Conchita Wurst, the beautiful bearded drag queen with the mesmerizing voice, had almost been selected to represent Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest before. The run up to Wurst’s May 10 win was predictably nasty, with petitions on Change.org from Russia and Belarus calling for a ban of the popular singing contest in those countries. The three-day competition became something more than a popular showing of national pride and fervor—it ...
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Michael Sam’s NFL Draft Changes the Definition of Masculinity
There is a moment in 42—the biopic about Jackie Robinson, the first black player in major league baseball—when Robinson asks Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey (played by Harrison Ford) why Rickey signed him, an action that broke the color barrier in sports. Rickey chokes up, sharing with great difficulty a deeply guarded secret about how he had failed to do enough to reject racism and stand up for a young teammate—a good catcher—when Rickey ...
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