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L.A. County Foster Care: The Battle for LGBT Youth
Look at the face of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez. His mother and her boyfriend are facing capital murder charges for allegedly beating him to death in May 2013, despite 64 reports of abuse, six open investigations and separate visits by child welfare services and law enforcement.  Before his death, Fernandez was doused with pepper spray, forced to eat cat feces, rotten spinach and his own vomit and was locked in a cabinet with a sock stuffed ...
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Are 'AIDS Monster' Scare Tactics Back?
An HIV criminalization expert says there's more to understand beyond social media outcry
If you have followed the criminal prosecution of San Diego resident Thomas Guerra over allegations that he willfully exposed others to HIV, you would think it was a slam dunk ‘who dunnit?’ case. That’s in part the media’s responsibility for its reporting, and also in part a result of the social media response that immediately jumped onto all the allegations and all but convicted him—and let’s be clear here, right now everything is an allegation and ...
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Rep. Karen Bass Calls on LGBT Leaders to Turn the African Anti-Gay Tide
The historic White House-African summit was overshadowed by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, keeping the presidents of Sierra Leone and Liberia home to deal with the crisis. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan decided to attend anyway, despite the climbing death toll in his country and the region. President Obama apparently refused him a private meeting, but it remains unclear if anyone from the Obama administration or State Department pulled aside and ...
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Trans Woman Claims She Was Raped Repeatedly in ICE Detention
This is August. Everyone’s on vacation. Except not really. In fact, the world seems on fire: U.S. airstrikes in Northern Iraq against the terrorist Islamic group ISIS; Israel battling the terrorist group Hamas on the Gaza Strip; Ukraine is still fighting pro-Russian rebels and Dutch observers have given up getting full access to the MF 15 crash site; and President Obama preparing to issue an executive order to help deal with the immigration crisis on ...
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Out-of-State Republicans Support the Sultan of Brunei’s Beverly Hills Hotel
  California Republican Party Chair Jim Brulte can’t be happy about this one. With Republicans poised to make a comeback in the state based on presenting “a new, more moderate and more inclusive face to voters,” according to political commentator Dan Walters, GOP Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky is holding a fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Friday, Aug. 8. There will be a protest, of course (see below). Perhaps Whitfield’s Leadership PAC, the ...
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John Duran Endorses Bobby Shriver for L.A. Supervisor, Ends an LGBT Political Era
In a political post-AIDS, post-marriage equality electoral world, how does the game change?” asked West Hollywood City Councilmember and former Los Angeles County supervisorial candidate John Duran. While LGBT voters are known at times to pick straight over gay candidates, Duran’s endorsement of former Santa Monica City Councilmember and Mayor Bobby Shriver over longtime LGBT advocate Sheila Kuehl in the race for the 3rd District seems to mark a change in gay politics in Los ...
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Obama Delivers Strong Speech at LGBT DNC Fundraiser in NYC While Immigration Equality Protests Deportations
Inside Gotham Hall in New York City Tuesday night, there were cheers and several standing ovations as President Obama addressed LGBT donors to the Democratic National Committee excited by news that he will sign an executive order to protect LGBT employees of federal contractors. Outside, Immigration Equality, GetEQUAL and several immigration groups called for Obama to grant administrative relief to undocumented immigrants and stop deportations that tear families apart, including LGBT DREAMers who have known no ...
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Rick Perry Defends Anti-Gay 'Lifestyle' Remarks
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who will forever be known as the “oops” Republican presidential contender, defended his most recent verbal faux pas on CNBC’s Sqwuak Box Monday morning. During a visit to San Francisco last Wednesday, Perry compared homosexuality to alcoholism and suggested that even if a gay person was compelled or genetically coded towards homosexuality, it was still a choice, a decision, to follow that “lifestyle” or not. The Texas Republican Party recently included so-called “reparative ...
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John Waters Gets 'Carsick': An Exclusive Excerpt
John Waters is out to shock us all once again, this time with Carsick, his new book chronicling an eight-day hitchhiking trek west along Route 70, from his home in Baltimore to his San Francisco apartment. Frontiers recently spoke with Waters, who recounted his experiences along the journey ("There was not one bad person. They were all kind and helpful.") and his sordid history with hitchhiking from a young age ("Those were my training wheels")....
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Texas GOP Drafts Platform Touting Psychological Abuse for Minors
The Texas Republican Party is holding its annual state convention for the next couple of days and, aside from the usual anti-gay stances, gay “conversion therapy” is on the agenda as part of their party plank, which makes even funnier the tweet from married lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who just passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). But in fact, Parker and Gov. Rick Perry were together for something serious—they teamed up to launch ...
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