Event Description Time / Location
5/13 - 10/12 Fallen Fruit of the Skirball

This is the latest exhibition in many local artists’ ongoing series of community-based projects using fruit as a medium to explore social engagement. The exhibit will feature a “commitment document” co-authored by Fallen Fruit and the public and inspired by an illustrated 17th century ketubbah (Jewish marriage contract) in the Skirball’s museum collection. Through Oct. 12. skirball.org

see website, Skirball Cultural Center
5/29 - 1/4 Pompeii: The Exhibition

This new exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, including wall-sized frescoes, marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry and full body casts of the volcano’s victims. californasciencecenter.org

see website, California Science Center
7/24 - 10/7 The Classical Nude And The Making Of Queer History

This new show chronicles the classical nude through the centuries as it relates to same-sex desire, and how that representation has evolved over time. It includes works by Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Duncan Grant, George Platt Lynes, Cynthia Warwick, Del LaGrace Volcano, Tee Corinne and the rare 1764 book The History of Art in Antiquity  by Johann Joachim Winkelman. one.usc.edu 

see website, ONE Archives
9/7 - 11/22 The Tempest

Shakespeare’s final major work occupies an in-between world that straddles the line between ethereal (magic, fairies and hybrid humans) and real (love, freedom and the power of nature.). It’s a morality tale about the rulers and the ruled, and how those roles can shift over time. Through Nov. 22. anoisewithin.org

see website, A Noise Within
9/13 - 12/31 Kim Stringfellow: Jackrabbit Homestead

Artist Kim Stringfellow connects history and ecology through past and present settlements in California’s Mojave Desert. Through photography and audio interviews, she explores how the desire to flee the urban sprawl of L.A. and stake a claim in the Californian desert resulted in both a collection of derelict cabins in the 1950s and the reclamation of the land for a burgeoning artistic community today. Through August 2015. theautry.org

see website, The Autry
9/14 - 1/11 An Opening of the Field

Focusing on the artistic production and relationship between artist Jess, his partner Robert Duncan and their remarkable circle of friends, this exhibition is drawn from Duncan’s key books featuring an estimated 130 artworks. Some of the work has never been seen before and will include numerous documents, books and intimate ephemera. Through Jan. 11. pmcaonline.org

see website, Pasadena Museum of California Art
9/16 - 10/26 Choir Boy

At the Charles R. Drew Prep School for Boys, a young black man knows what is expected of him—work hard, fall in line and, if you’ve got a voice, use it to praise God in the school choir. Within these walls, Pharus Young should be a star, but in the face of the school’s time-honored traditions, can music overcome silence? Through Oct. 26. geffenplayhouse.com

see website, Geffen Playhouse
9/16 - 10/12 Kiss Me, Kate

Wayne Brady stars as Fred/Petruchio in the Cole Porter Broadway musical, with Merle Dandridge of Broadway’s Spamalot and Tarzan as Lily/Kate. Kiss Me, Kate represents Porter at his very best and includes some of musical theater’s most famous songs. Through Oct. 12. pasadenaplayhouse.org

see website, Pasadena Playhouse
9/19 - 11/9 Scary Musical the Musical

Someone is killing off the Drama Club of Vera Miles High School, everyone is a suspect and you decide who the killer is! Combining a slasher movie plot with a rockin’ score, pop-culture humor and an homage to classic horror clichés, this musical has all the elements of your favorite scary movies with an added twist: the teenagers sing and dance—before, during and sometimes after getting killed! nohoace.com

see website, NoHo Arts Center
9/19 - 10/18 The Goat (or Who Is Sylvia?)

Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Play and a 2003 Pulitzer finalist, it’s the tale of a married architect, Martin, his wife Stevie and their son Billy, whose lives crumble when Martin falls in love with a goat. The play focuses on the limits of a liberal society, challenging us to question our morality in the face of social taboos. lagaycenter.org

see website, Davidson/Valentini Theatre
9/26 - 11/16 Young Frankenstein

This wickedly inspired Mel Brooks reimagining of the Frankenstein legend—complete with tap-dancing numbers, innuendo and outrageous accents—features all your favorite scenes from the film. Aided by Igor and curvaceous lab assistant Inga, Young Frankenstein succeeds in creating a monster, despite the distraction of fiancée Elizabeth. Through Nov. 16. domatheatre.com

see website, MET Theatre
9/26 - 11/2 The Trip to Bountiful

Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams and Blair Underwood star in the story of Mother Watts, an overprotective son and a domineering daughter-in-law. It examines the fragility of memory and celebrates the enduring power of hope, faith and family. Through Nov. 2. centertheatregroup.org

see website, Ahmanson Theatre
9/27 - 11/30 Small Museum for the American Metaphor

Co-curated by Kersten Geers and Ruth Estevez, the gallery is divided into “rooms,” creating a cabinet of curiosities with a variety of artworks, architectural models, drawings and other objects that blur the distinction between object and representation. Through Nov. 30. redcat.org

see website, REDCAT