Event Description Time / Location
5/13 - 10/12 Fallen Fruit of the Skirball

This is the latest exhibition in many local artists’ ongoing series of community-based projects using fruit as a medium to explore social engagement. The exhibit will feature a “commitment document” co-authored by Fallen Fruit and the public and inspired by an illustrated 17th century ketubbah (Jewish marriage contract) in the Skirball’s museum collection. Through Oct. 12. skirball.org

see website, Skirball Cultural Center
5/29 - 1/4 Pompeii: The Exhibition

This new exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, including wall-sized frescoes, marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry and full body casts of the volcano’s victims. californasciencecenter.org

see website, California Science Center
7/24 - 10/7 The Classical Nude And The Making Of Queer History

This new show chronicles the classical nude through the centuries as it relates to same-sex desire, and how that representation has evolved over time. It includes works by Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Duncan Grant, George Platt Lynes, Cynthia Warwick, Del LaGrace Volcano, Tee Corinne and the rare 1764 book The History of Art in Antiquity  by Johann Joachim Winkelman. one.usc.edu 

see website, ONE Archives
8/8 - 9/21 Meet & Greet

This one-act comedy is about four actresses of a certain age, all up for the same role in a new sitcom. Old rivalries come screaming to the surface, egos clash, hair is pulled and a shocking revelation forces them to question their entire existences. Through Sept. 21. theatreasylum-la.com

see website, Theatre Asylum