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New Music Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014: Basement Jaxx, The New Pornographers and More

Starting out with three stragglers from last week (when we were off), and then into the highlights of this last week of August. Lots of good stuff, so dig in.


Stars In Battledress's 'A Winning Decree' is Today's Song of the Day

Stars In Battledress – “A Winning Decree”

It’s Sunday, so we’re dialing it down a bit with this lovely, ephemeral track by English brothers Richard and James Larcombe from their debut In Droplet Form. The video is as simple as the song is intricate, yet it has the surreal vibe one might get from a David Lynch musical interlude. In fact, Stars In Battledress should be the house band for his next magnum opus.


We Are Shining's 'Hot Love' is Today's Song of the Day

We Are Shining – “Hot Love”

With their debut Kara out overseas (we’ll have to wait for it here), this multi-racial London duo brings old school funk with a gospel overlay to the new century. Nothing earth-shattering, but their grooves have an easygoing flow as lived-in as this low-rent video.


Capital Cities' 'One Minute More' is Today's Song of the Day

Capital Cities – “One Minute More”

Another Friday, another potential movie franchise based on a young adult series. Today it’s The Giver, with no less than living legends Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, and the requisite young adult soundtrack. This one’s not as interesting as The Hunger Games soundtracks, but there’s fun to be had with this bouncy number that also features on Capital Cities’ debut In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.


Plague Vendor's 'Black Sap Scriptures' is Our #ThrowbackThursday Song of the Day

Plague Vendor – “Black Sap Scriptures”

For Throwback Thursday we’re throwing all the way back to April 2014. Why? Well, because that’s when the debut of this Whittier punk band came out, and Free to Eat is a scorcher. “Black Sap Scriptures” is the opening track, and it’s as wiry and uninhibited as lead singer Brandon Blaine. And just like Blaine, there’s no fat on it. 10 songs, 18 minutes. Punk lives!


The Kite String Tangle's 'Arcadia' is Today's Song of the Day

The Kite String Tangle – “Arcadia”

Trumpeted by Grant Owens on his weekly Laguna radio show, We Found New Music, the solo project of Aussie electro artist Danny Harley hit the racks yesterday with no small buzz. Opening track “Arcadia” is Blake-ian (as in James), with an emotional undertow as direct as Sam Smith. It—and its parent EP, Vessel—is tuneful, pleasurable and eminently repeatable.


New Music Tuesday, August 12, 2014: FKA twigs, Sinead O'Connor and More

It’s a ragtag week—nothing major, not even the latest from Sinead O’Connor. Yet there's much to recommend, so read on.


Kazaky's 'The Sun' is Today's Song of the Day

Kazaky – “The Sun”

This Ukrainian synthpop quartet proves there are no boundaries when it comes to gay camp. “The Sun,” from I Like It (Part 2), is more of the same. But when the same includes their members flaunting their gym-toned bodies whilst singing in their heavily-accented English, well, I’m not complaining (because, if I’m totally honest, I’m too busy laughing).


Prom Date's 'X My Heart' and 'Good Morning, Boyfriend' Are Today's Songs of the Day

Prom Date:  “X My Heart,” “Good Morning, Boyfriend”

What better way to start off a new week than with a Monday morning double-stuff. That’s right, two tracks for today from the New Orleans synthpop quartet Prom Date—the light S&M of “X My Heart” and the morning-after same-sex hookup “Good Morning, Boyfriend.” You’re welcome.


New Music Tuesday, August 5: Spoon, Angus & Julia Stone, Jethro Tull

Overwhelmed by work this week, so this is both late and to the point. But don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s not much to hear this week. On the contrary, there’s a career-high from Spoon, the re-release of a much-maligned prog-rock classic and others for nearly every musical taste.