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New Music Tuesday, July 29: Jay Brannan, Jenny Lewis, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Both Jay Brannan and Vanessa Daou below are already out, but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to. Anyway, Brannan is playing The Troubadour August 1 and you should know/love/support his work as an openly-gay singer-songwriter (um, because he’s good, not because he’s gay); and Daou’s latest is being reintroduced with a series of related EPs. Elsewhere, gay godfather Andy Bellhas a new solo record, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers do their bit for classic rock, the always amazing Jenny Lewis amazes once again, and more.


New Music Tuesday, July 21, 2014: La Roux, King Cresote, The Phantom Band

As you’ll soon discover below, I’m plenty cranky this week, which could be a result of going through man-opause or simply the lack of anything truly refreshing in the new releases. So it’s the returning champions that make this Tuesday worthwhile, from La Roux’s (minor) reinvention to, most especially, two top Scottish artists: King Creosote and The Phantom Band.


New Music Tuesday, July 15, 2014: Anna Calvi, Lazer/Wulf, Morrissey, Cloud Boat and More

I have to admit, when I was compiling the list below I was uninspired by what I was hearing. Yet once the Anna Calvi EP turned it around, I found much to recommend, including the progressive metal of Lazer/Wulf, the dreamy electro of Cloud Boat and what might turn out to be—against my initial reaction—Morrissey’s crowning solo achievement.


Outfest 2014's 'Scared Stiff': The Horror Shorts Program Will Scare You Outta Your Drawers

If you’ve got a hard-on for horror, the good folks at Outfest have a program of shorts they’ve cheekily titled Scared Stiff, comprised of seven varied works that will no doubt get even the most manic horror fan sufficiently, um, hard. 


New Music Tuesday, July 18, 2014: Bright Light Bright Light, Sia, Judas Priest and More

The top spot will be no surprise to anyone who knows this blog. Bright Light Bright Light damn it. Also, SiaJudas Priest, electro, and prog. But mostly Bright Light Bright Light! 


July 4th Soundtrack: 9 Songs for Your Holiday Weekend

No holiday weekend—even the 4th of July—is a true holiday without the perfect soundtrack, and no soundtrack is better than one perfectly timed for L.A.'s summer months. We've enlisted Mike Curtis and Dan Loughry, two of Frontiers' in-the-know music writers, to compile a great July 4 mix. Leave the music to them, fire up the grill and grab a cold beer from the fridge. 

Bright Light Bright Light’s Rod Thomas on His Sophomore Album and Palling Around with Elton John

On the basis of his 2012 debut, Make Me Believe in Hope, Rod Thomas—who records as Bright Light Bright Light—joined a short list of literate songwriters such as Pet Shop Boys, Sir Elton John and Rufus Wainwright. Like Neil Tennant, he employs electronic instruments to explore the joy and isolation of modern life. Like Sir Elton, he’s a pop-loving Brit who embraces the artistry within the commercial. And like Wainwright, he entered his career as an openly gay man unfettered by concerns of how his sexuality might impact sales. We had a quick chat with Thomas about his sophomore record, Life Is Easy, before he left New York to tour Europe as John’s opening act.


New Music Tuesday, July 1, 2014: Trey Songz, Eno & Hyde, The

Trey Songz makes me wanna get dirty. Eno & Hyde turns me all spastic. And the 30th anniversary release of The The’s seminal Soul Mining has me ruing the days of a wasted youth (which it will do to you even if you’re listening to it for the first time).


New Music Releases: Robyn, Total Control, Ed Sheeran, G-Eazy

Lots of dance this week—too much for my tastes. Yet plenty of good stuff to choose from, especially the Röyksopp & Robyn EP, Bernhoft’s soul-pop, and the snarling debut from L.A.’s own Kitten.


La Roux's 'Tropical Chancer' is Today's Song of the Day

La Roux – “Tropical Chancer”

Having sung her entire debut through her larynx, it’s good to hear Elly Jackson (the only member of La Roux left) reinvent her singing style on the much-delayed follow-up Trouble in Paradise. After an electro ballad (“Let Me Down Gently”) and a dance track (“Uptight Downtown”), she offers this reggae-spiced skanker, leading me to believe she’s not going for stardom or trendsetting, but longevity. Good move, Elly. Good move.