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New Music Tuesday, Sept. 16: James, Chris Brown, Barbra Streisand and More

Another big week of releases, and if you think I’m exhausted, you’re right, but also exhilarated and excited by all this new music. A great return from an old standby—Jamestops this chart, with plenty more to recommend beneath it, from the new EDM standard-bearers (The Juan Maclean) to a sadly overlooked electronic act (Engineers) to a sharp acoustic troubadour’s debut (Nick Mulvey). And that’s not even half of it.


Fall Films: 5 Actors on Our Radar

In the overwhelming sea of projects awaiting the silver screen, it’s the work of these five talented thespians we can’t wait for.

Fall Music Calendar: Albums and Concerts on the Pop Horizon

Never mind the high-profile rumors (Madonna, Pink Floyd, Frank Ocean)—here are the sure things on the pop horizon, both albums and concerts


New Music Tuesday, Sept. 9: Banks, Karen O, Ryan Adams, Queen and More

The real beauty in discovering young bands is found when they create a new sound or advance a well-known one. This week, Banks and Avi Buffalo are those youngsters. Yet sometimes it’s more exciting when established artists do what they do better than anyone else on the planet without progressing a damn thing. I’m talking to you, Ryan Adams and Robert Plant.


Meet Ferras, Pop Music's New Queer Voice

When Ferras released his debut album, Aliens & Rainbows, in 2008, he was a twentysomething solo artist facing an uphill battle in an ever-changing music industry landscape. The track “Hollywood’s Not America” received exposure as part of American Idol’s seventh season, but the record sold slowly, and Ferras seemed to retreat from public view.

He was anything but idle during this time, co-writing songs with Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin and many others and releasing an interim EP in 2010 called Interim – The Time Between. Of course he also continued honing his craft.


New Music Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014: Maroon 5, Counting Crows, The Kooks and More

What a disappointment of a week for new music. The best thing below is Zammuto’s sophomore record and the (consciously) wan indie of Montreal’s TOPS (quelle irony). At least Sept. 9 is looking promising…


New Music Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014: Basement Jaxx, The New Pornographers and More

Starting out with three stragglers from last week (when we were off), and then into the highlights of this last week of August. Lots of good stuff, so dig in.


Stars In Battledress's 'A Winning Decree' is Today's Song of the Day

Stars In Battledress – “A Winning Decree”

It’s Sunday, so we’re dialing it down a bit with this lovely, ephemeral track by English brothers Richard and James Larcombe from their debut In Droplet Form. The video is as simple as the song is intricate, yet it has the surreal vibe one might get from a David Lynch musical interlude. In fact, Stars In Battledress should be the house band for his next magnum opus.


We Are Shining's 'Hot Love' is Today's Song of the Day

We Are Shining – “Hot Love”

With their debut Kara out overseas (we’ll have to wait for it here), this multi-racial London duo brings old school funk with a gospel overlay to the new century. Nothing earth-shattering, but their grooves have an easygoing flow as lived-in as this low-rent video.


Capital Cities' 'One Minute More' is Today's Song of the Day

Capital Cities – “One Minute More”

Another Friday, another potential movie franchise based on a young adult series. Today it’s The Giver, with no less than living legends Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges, and the requisite young adult soundtrack. This one’s not as interesting as The Hunger Games soundtracks, but there’s fun to be had with this bouncy number that also features on Capital Cities’ debut In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.