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Outfest 2014's 'Pat Rocco's Birthday Party': The Legendary Filmmaker Turns 80

Historically we have not always cared for our past. The pioneers, the folks who broke their backs making a path where we now comfortably walk. Pat Rocco is one of these heroes. As a filmmaker, entertainer and activist, he directed dozens of gay erotic shorts and also documented the nascent gay rights movement of the 1960s and ‘70s. Outfest is throwing an 80th birthday blowout for this incredible trailblazer with a retrospective of his life’s work, and Rocco will make a rare appearance to receive an achievement award for his contributions to gay culture.


What Is Gay L.A.? Local Insiders Share Their Thoughts

A community as immense as the Los Angeles LGBT society is as diverse as one would imagine. Sexuality is but one spoke on the wheel. Gay life today assumes many guises. As a stab at clarity, here’s an informal court of citizenry to stop and share the view from where they stand. With some pride and prejudice as well, here’s a look at Gay L.A. 2014.


Sex, Power & Gay L.A.: Dissecting Hollywood's Casting Couch Culture

The underage sex allegations against X-Men director Bryan Singer have put the town on edge, but—illegal activities aside—it's a look at an age-old dance no one wants to talk about


Are Gay Bars Dead, or Is Revolver Just Cursed?

The passing of another gay bar in Silver Lake inspired social media pundits to proclaim our love of watering holes is dead. They blame the very bucket that carries their witty water—the internet—with sites like Adam4Adam, Manhunt and the headless, toned torsos on Grindr. I write this without malice but merely as a statement of fact: Bullshit.


Who Got Gore Vidal Laid In Hollywood?

Few people in life have had as much sex as Scotty Bowers. Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but it’s safe to say that no man on earth has ever had sex with more famous people than Scotty Bowers. He also remained friends with the irascible and brilliant writer Gore Vidal, a feat in itself.

Meet the Real Housewives of West Hollywood City Council

“This will be a year of fresh air and daylight,” said John D’Amico upon being sworn in as West Hollywood Mayor on April 21, and on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the city, we propose a new show to Bravo about the not always sunny paths that got us here


Dancing in the Desert: White Party at 25

It’s been a quarter-century since one man pulled off what would become a kind of gay men’s Woodstock, an annual hotbed of freedom that has made and broken politicians and let hundreds of thousands of men live out their dreams


Alfredo Diaz, Revolver Co-Owner, Answers Allegations of Embezzlement

"I know what I know, and I know what I know." Those are the words of Revolver co-owner Alfredo Diaz regarding Thursday's L.A. Superior Court judgement in his favor on a suit brought against him by business partner Chris Miller.

"The taxes are paid, the parking tickets are mine from running a business in West Hollywood with no parking lot for two years, and the car service I charged to the company was from my home to work and back on Friday and Saturday nights. I was protecting our business and liquor license and acting responsibly."


Fully Loaded: A Tale of Drugs, Drowning & Death

It sneaks up on you like a coyote in a dog park—one day you are chasing a couple balls, the next you are being eviscerated. With booze it generally takes a few years. With drugs like GHB and meth, your first walk in the park could be your last.

My stumble into the steam was a steady flow of chardonnay. The self-imposed grape-swig twisted a fairly nimble creative energy into something about as clever as a bag of ferrets. It was a slow stroll. My steadiness on terra firma is one of those ‘one day at a time’ things you’ve heard about.

Hey, Idiot, Being Famous Doesn’t Make You A Star!

I think it’s likely that Justin Bieber is a major asshole. I have no real clue—just an innocent observation. He is hot, (in a twink sort of way) on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. I have seen him move on the tube, and that was cool. I’m fairly certain he has style, but he is not a star. I’m also cognizant and cop to a generational gap here, yet even with a gun to my head I couldn’t name a single song of his. We are likely not far off from “Justin who?”