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Coming to Theatres: James Franco Renounces His Gayness in 'Michael'

Teen Wolf vet and current cast member of The Leftovers Charlie Carver has been added to the cast of the gay conversion drama Michael. This is the drama in which Milk vet James Franco plays a magazine editor who takes a warped path to renounce his homosexuality, marry a woman and eventually become an outspoken anti-Gay activist. The impressive cast also features American Horror Story vets Zachary Quinto and Emma Roberts, with Quinto playing the ex-boyfriend and Roberts as the wife in the delusional marriage. Joining them are Kill Bill'Daryl HannahVictor/Victoria'Lesley Anne Warren and Twisted's Avan Jogia.   


Coming to Theatres: A.Skars Gets Buff for 'Tarzan,' Disney Bases New Film on Polynesian Legends

Producer Jerry Weintraub has announced that True Blood vet Alexander Skaarsgard has gained 25 pounds of muscles for his title role in the upcoming remake of Tarzan. The story will take place years following the ape-man's acclimation to British society and having to wear more than a loincloth.

Tonight on TV: Lisa Kudrow is Back Online, Plus a Look at Upcoming Guests of 'Web Therapy'

Lisa Kudrow's Skype-ologist is back providing questionable advice on Showtime's Web Therapy. The show that began as an online series went on to making full-length episodes for the premium channel, featuring Kudrow as Fiona Wallace, a therapist who doesn't need a sofa as she works with all her patients through teleconferencing.

Coming to TV: Meet the Cast of 'Galavant,' Plus Rob Lowe Sticks with NBC

More news from ABC’s upcoming fairytale series Galavant: a perfect addition to its musical/comedy premise is musician/comedian Weird Al Yancovic. The song parody artist recently returned from filming the show in the UK, where he was given the recurring role of a silly monk.


Coming to Theatres: Meet the Full Cast of 'Batman vs. Superman,' Plus the Other Films on DC's Slate

DC Comics continues its efforts to catch up to Marvel’s movie success by announcing a planned solo Wonder Woman film for 2017. It will star Gal Gadot, who will create the role in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Their efforts will continue with solo films for other characters from Dawn of Justice, including an Aquaman film starring Game of Thrones vet Jason Momoa for 2018, out actor Ezra Miller as The Flash in 2018 and a separate project featuring the virtually unknown Ray Fisher as Cyborg in 2020.


Coming to TV: NBC's 'Heroes' Revamp, Ed Norton's 'The Illusionist'

Heroes creator Tim Kring is working on a revamp of Heroes, which NBC greenlit earlier this year. Tentatively titled Heroes: Reborn, plans are for it to be a new stand-alone story, separate from its original source. It has been confirmed that original cast member Jack Coleman, who played HRG (Horned-Rimmed Glasses), the father of Hayden Panettiere's character, will be back, but in what capacity has not been explained. If all comes together, Heroes 2.0 could debut next fall.

Coming to TV: Katie Holmes to Play Jackie O, Series Orders for 'Gotham,' 'Extant,' 'Under the Dome'

Katie Holmes will play former first lady Jackie Kennedy in a miniseries sequel to 2011's The Kennedys. The four-hour project is based on J. Randy Taraborrelli's best-seller After Camelot: A Personal History of the Kennedy Family, 1968 to the Present and will air on Reelz.

Coming to Theatres: A Look at This Year's AFI Premieres

New Mark Wahlberg film The Gambler will make its world premiere at next month's American Film Institute Festival in Hollywood. The drama costars The United States of Tara's Brie LarsonArgo's John Goodman and American Horror Story: Freak Show'Jessica Lange. It's a remake of the same-name 1974 film that starred James Caan and will be released on Dec. 19.

Coming to TV: NBC Orders 'Say Anything,' and Does Primetime Need More Superheroes?

NBC has ordered a script for a proposed series based on the cult favorite 1989 John Cusack film Say Anything. The premise would take place in current times, long after Lloyd and Diane broke up. Upon hearing that she's returned to town, Lloyd tries to win her back but this time in a trench coat with an iPod perhaps. Aaron Kaplan, one of the producers behind Debra Messing's new series The Mysteries of Laura, will executive produce the pilot, written by Better Off Ted's Justin Adler.

Coming to TV: Retro Comedy 'Spring Break 83,' a Project for Past TV Stars

Former CHiPS star Erik Estrada joins Falcon Crest'Morgan FairchildWiseguy's Robert Davi and the Six Million Dollar Man himselfLee Majors, in the retro comedy Spring Break 83. The teenage vengeance premise introduces four high school buddies who were bullied by seniors and find a way to get even during Spring Break of 1983. Also appearing are The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's Alan RitchsonThe Sopranos' Joe PantolianoSaturday Night Live vet Joe Piscopo and Revenge of the Nerds costar Larry B. Scott.