Hi, my name is Blair and I read blogs so you don’t have to. I will cull funny, but mostly useless info from the outer reaches of the world wide webz every day and put them right here, in your gay sweet spot, so you can click and enjoy.  This is UR A BLOG.


Kevin P. Taft is a screenwriter and freelance journalist who has written articles for the Hollywood Reporter, Edge and Frontiers. His love of all things stage and screen fuels his passion for L.A. and N.Y. theater, despite being kicked out of the UConn acting program and not being able to sing a note. After being adopted by Spielberg, his dream is to write a movie musical using the songs of the Partridge Family. No joke.


Max Phoenix, an expert fitness coach, has more than 17 years developing his unique approach to fitness and lifestyle coaching. He brings humor and integrates up-to-date techniques for lasting lifestyle transformations in his daily blog, maxphoenixfitness.com/blog.


When love throws you a curve ball and dating makes you crazy, have no fear—Cupid is here! Self-proclaimed romance enthusiast, writer and talk show host, David Cruz will help make sense of it all. Check out Finding Cupid Radio exclusively on Global Voice Broadcasting, gvbradio.com.


Dean Littner lives and writes in Silver Lake and is a full-time bed model. He has been writing a book called Tit Care (a seminal work). Dean has five friends. There is not really much more to him. There is a lot of surface. He could always spare to lose five pounds and grow two more abs.


Peter Bedard is a hypnotherapist and healer with a degree in Consciousness Studies who has died, come back, and healed himself of all kinds of chronic conditions. When Western medicine failed, he turned to holistic therapies. You've seen Peter on CNN, The Bio Channel and various media outlets across the country. He specializes in helping those with chronic conditions and addiction, creating a personal path for wellness. For more info, go to CreateYourHealth.com and PeterBedardHypnotherapy.com.


Erick Davidson is a single early thirty-something from New Jersey who has lived in Los Angeles for the better part of a decade but leads a decidedly atypical LA existence.