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R.I.P. Mr. Black L.A.

By Stephan Horbelt

Promoter Luke Nero presented sad news to the nightlife set of Los Angeles yesterday with the announcement that Tuesday, Dec. 4, would be the very last installment of popular party Mr. Black L.A.

The Tuesday night party, steeped in tongue-in-cheek hedonism, lasted over three years, the continuation of a New York party of the same name. Mr. Black had featured numerous hosts throughout the years and was known for its quirky themed events and dedicated set of regulars, many of whom preferred to attire themselves in outrageous getups. Celeb-spotting was always a normal occurrence at the party, as was a packed dance floor.

Below is Nero's statement, made via Facebook:

"There comes a moment when it's time to move on. It’s with great sadness I must announce that after 3 glittering years and 3 short months we feel its time to gracefully bow out and say goodbye to Mr. Black Los Angeles. Bardot and Avalon are very sad to see us go, but we feel that it’s best to end on a high note and focus on new exciting projects. So with that, we are officially ending a nightclub legacy that started many moons ago in New York City, 2006. The occasion will be marked with a Mr. Black LA memorial service on Tuesday, December 4th at Bardot.

Huge thank you to ALL the DJs, Hosts, Promoters, Performers, Alcoholics, Trannies, Managers, Drag Queens, Bartenders, Door Bitches, Bussers, Bathroom Attendants, Security, the prestigious Bardot and anyone else who kept this party alive. We know it takes a village and we are very grateful for your love and support.

However, Best In Show goes to The Dark Lord & Creator, Stuart Black, who created the concept and taught me every evil trick in the book and my business partner, Andrés Rigal, who has been instrumental in keeping the quality of the brand. Thank you both.

BIGGEST thank you of all goes to you, the patrons, who got drunk and fucked up with the rest of us on one hell of a ride."

Mr. Black L.A.'s Dec. 4 final installment will be funeral-themed, and Nero has informed us that patrons can expect everything that comes along with that, including a casket, hearse and funeral wreaths. The party will be missed by many.