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Lindsey Lohan & Grant Bowler Star in 'Liz & Dick' This Sunday

By Aaron Drake

Set your DVR for a movie you won't want to miss. Lindsey Lohan takes on the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick, premiering this Sunday, Nov. 25, on Lifetime. Grant Bowler, who plays opposite Miss Lohan as Richard Burton, stopped to chat with Frontiers contributor Michelle McCarthy about the film and what it was like playing a screen legend.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

Grant Bowler has appeared on hit shows including Lost, Ugly Betty and True Blood. The Australian actor is now taking on one of his most demanding roles as the late Richard Burton in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick opposite Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. The project has been regarded as a comeback of sorts for Lindsay and, as expected, it’s garnered its share of controversy. We spoke to Grant about the legendary couple’s chaotic love affair, his trepidation about working with Lindsay and how he prepared for the project.

You said Lindsay Lohan is “pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated.” How so?
Lindsay was really smart casting, because there’s a lot of parallels. Elizabeth Taylor was a child star and grew up making movies. I’ve worked with a few actors over the years who grew up in the industry, and they have a very different reality than someone who came into acting as an adult. Filming and being on a set is where they are, not what they do. And Taylor had her troubles with different things and a lot of scandal in her life. Lindsay’s had the same. It closely mirrors that intrinsically. The mindset is very similar.

Did you have any apprehension going into the project once you heard Lindsay was cast?
Yeah, of course. You read a lot of stuff and hear a lot of stuff and it’s like, “Oooooo-k!” It’s definitely something you consider and you think about how much time is going to be spent shooting and how much time is going to be spent doing other things. That’s just from a professional standpoint, because I had my own role to play and a lot of pressure. You want to give yourself the best chance you can to succeed and not run the sword through yourself before you even get going. But the chance to play Burton doesn't come around twice, and I was never going to turn it down. We all worked very hard, and I think we got it.

Read the full interview here and watch the trailer below.

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