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BREAKING: Supreme Court to Take Prop. 8 and DOMA Case

By Karen Ocamb
News Editor

From SCOTUSblog:

Prop. 8 is granted. So is Windsor. Those are the only two marriage cases granted….

Prop. 8 is granted on the petition question—whether 14th Amendment bars Calif. from defining marriage in traditional way. Plus an added question: Whether the backers of Prop. 8 have standing in the case under Art. III….

In Windsor, the government petition (12-307) is the one granted. In addition to the petition question—whether Sec. 3 of DOMA violates equal protection under 5th Amendment, there are two other questions: does the fact that government agreed with the 2d CA decision deprive the Court of jurisdiction to hear and decide the case, and whether BLAG (House GOP leaders) has Art. III standing in this case.

Cases to be argued in March with decision expected in June.

MORE to come….

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