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Ristefsky Macheda: Activewear for the Traveling Guy

By Duane Wells
Travel Correspondent

Style vs. comfort—it is the eternal question, particularly when planes, trains and automobiles are involved. 

Now, it’s no secret that I have long lamented the fact that travel has lost a good deal of its chic in recent years, as far too many people appear to think that anything from pajamas to ill-fitting short shorts are suitable travel gear. And given the trying nature of traveling nowadays, to some degree I can’t blame them. I mean, who wants to get all dolled up for a flight only to be forced to completely strip down by an overzealous TSA agent?

Oh, the conundrum.

That said, I do believe there exists a happy medium between looking a hot mess and dressing to the nines when you’re on the road, and one such option comes courtesy of Ristefsky Macheda, the stylish Australian menswear label destined for world domination. I was first introduced to the brand a few years back by its co-founders Stephen Ristefsty and Vincent Macheda, and I have been one of its biggest fans ever since. I was particularly drawn to the fact that in my first conversation with the two Aussies, they described their underwear as being for the kind of man who wants his undergear to be of the same quality as his outerwear. In other words, it was for men who desired something more sophisticated than Fruit of the Loom to wear beneath their Prada suits (no offense, Fruit of the Loom). And, from personal experience, I can tell you that they have succeeded.

The same can be said of Ristefsky Macheda’s swimwear collections, which always offer unmistakably sophisticated styling in tandem with a flattering (and forgiving) fit. (For the record, the St. Tropez Board Short is particularly to-die-for if you’re in the market.) But what, you may ask, does all this have to do with travel? Well, beyond the fact that resort season is upon us, Ristefsky Macheda has just launched a new Fashion Active line that is not only ideal for active pursuits but perfect for traveling.

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