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Garrett Hedlund: On the Road to Stardom

By Mike McCrann

Garrett Hedlund is a total hunk who should be heading for stardom with the release of On The Road in two weeks. This film, based on Jack Kerouac's famous novel of the '50s "beat generation," caused quite a buzz when it screened at the Cannes Film Festsival last May. A lot of the buzz was over the film's nudity—especially co-star Kristen Stewart's—she of the Twilight saga. But apparently there is male nudity as well. Garrett Hedlund supposedly has two full-frontal scenes—including answering the door that should send his gay fans into an erotic frenzy.
I thought Hedlund was going to break through last year. He stared in the Tron sequel and had a great part in the Gwyneth Patrow Country-Western drama Country Strong. Patrow was great of course as the troubled singer on the skids, but Garrett Hedlund stole the film as Beau Hutton—a younger singer on the road to Nashville stardom. Hedlund was totally eye-bugging sexy with his gorgeous face, body and great singing voice. He really jumped off the screen, but Country Strong was barely released or promoted, and Hedlund had to wait another year for his breaktrough role.
Plus, back in 2007, Hedlund played the gorgeous Mormon hunk with shoulder-length blonde hair who Lindsay Lohan introduces to sex with a blow job in a row boat in Georgia Rules. Hedlund also had a good role in the film Friday Night Lights playing a teen football player with sexy Tim McGraw as his alcoholic father.
Born in 1984 and raised on a farm in Minnesota, Garrett Hedlund moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school. He has not stopped working since, but his role as the bisexual Dean Moriarty in On The Road should open everyone's eye to this gorgeous actor's talents and, well, "natural attributes." Owen Gleiberman gushed in Entertainment Weekly, "Garrett Hedlund's performance as Dean Moriarty, whose hunger for life—avid, erotic, insatiable, destructive—kindles a fire that will light the way to a new era. Hedlund is as hunky as the young Brad Pitt ... he's a wily, change-up actor. He gives Dean eyes that glitter with a seductive enthusiasm that borders on being a little cracked."

Oh, and did I mention that Hedund will be buck naked in the film!

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