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Transforming Reluctance Into Action: Getting Positive About PrEP


Editor's note: The latest instalment of our weekly column, "My Life of PrEP" is up, and in it author Jake Sobo tackles the reluctance and hesitation that seem to dominate conversations around using Truvada as a preventative measure against contracting HIV.

One of the things that I’ve always found somewhat maddening about the public discussion about PrEP is the downright reluctance—nay, pussyfooting—that colors so much of it. It seems nobody is allowed to speak about PrEP without adding a slew of conditions. PrEP “might” be right for you. PrEP “could” be a good option.

I don’t really recall AIDS activists being so hamstrung about condoms back in the '80s. Though it certainly took painstaking hours of fundraising, organizing and troops-rallying, campaigns singing the praises of condoms plastered billboards in gay ghettos from coast to coast. Where are the PrEP campaigns? Where is the excitement about the first new, highly effective HIV-prevention tool in 30 fucking years?

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