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'Glee' Goes Shirtless, 'Drag Race' and 'The Americans' Premieres


There's news to be gleeful about on the set of Ryan Murphy's Glee. The Jan. 31 episode, titled Naked, will feature a number of shirtless cast members modeling for a calendar shoot. The parade of beefcake includes Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss, plus new cast members Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist. In a less-than-gleeful tone, despite recent developments, not everything is completely forgiven and healed over with Kurt and Blaine—who, by the show's custom of merging couples' names, are technically called Klaine. An upcoming episode will feature a recurring cast member of the Showtime series Episodes. Oliver Keirnan-Jones will play a potential new love interest for Chris Colfer's character.

Mark Salling is being sued by a woman who claims that, while she consented to sex with the sometimes-mohawked cast member, he forced her to have sex without a condom. And that was all the way back in September 2010. The suit claims that a month after the incident, the woman was so torn up with mental anguish that she went to the actor's home to confront him and found him in bed with, yes, another woman. So does this mean that even though he wouldn't put a rubber on it, she still thought that he would put a ring on it?

The recent $5 million purchase of  naming rights to Grauman's Chinese Theatre by Chinese Electronics maker TCL Corp is supposed to bring needed funds, but it would appear that money should be allocated for more than structural work. The newly dubbed "TCL Chinese Theatre" sorely needs better audio equipment, as was evident at the recent 50th anniversary screening of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. At the event, a seemingly inexperienced moderator was forced to hand the one and only microphone back and forth to stars of the classic film including Veronica Cartwright and the legendary Tippi Hedren. While both stars looked stunning and provided entertaining stories about their careers, the evening's Q&A segment came off much like a high school assembly. While I appreciate the historical structure's need for funds, the switch to using the TCL name, which even non-dyslexics will confuse with TLC The Learning Channel, is short-sighted. Especially in these financially beleaguered times when most Americans grimace at the idea of foreigners owning American companies, let alone iconic places like Grauman's Chinese Theatre. TCL's sudden need for attention doesn't end with the Hollywood Boulevard landmark. Film fans will see many of their products featured in the summer blockbuster Iron Man 3.

With one more rant of disappointment, it's sad to see the roller coaster that has become the Kathy show featuring Kathy Griffin on Bravo. One week it went from an entertainment high with guests Lisa Kudrow and Jane Lynch to the following week, when it featured rapper and convected felon T.I.  Really, digging in the bottom of the potential guest barrel? They couldn't get Ryan Lochte or even Mel Gibson? As the late Huell Howser would have said, "That's Amazing!" The roller coaster reaches the top once more when Chelsea Handler pops by as a guest on the Jan. 24 episode.

Good and bad news: The final season of Starz hunkapoloza series Spartacus begins Jan. 25. You may have to reset your DVR to record it, as its new title is Spartacus: Enemies of Rome.

If you want to have a pre-Oscar party run-through, The Screen Actors Guild Awards air on TNT on Jan. 27.

Texas drama returns to TNT on Jan. 28 when the second season of Dallas begins. Over on Logo, the same night brings hair bigger than Texas with new episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race with guest judges Camille Grammer and hunky photographer Mike Ruiz.

Going through withdrawal waiting for new episodes of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? You can get a temporary fix with the Jan. 26 return of My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT.

Former gay brother on Brothers & Sisters Matthew Rhys stars in the new FX series The Americans, which premieres Jan. 30. Rhys joins Felicity vet Keri Russell as Soviet sleeper agents live in the USA. The plot is frightening enough, but wait until you see the '80s costumes. The show features a cast of relative unknowns, which pretty much means that my relatives have never heard of them. 

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