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Heather McDonald is So Inappropriate

In the New York Times bestseller You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, she regaled readers with hilariously uncomfortable tales of sleazy Hollywood types and casting couch nightmares. This February,Chelsea Lately writer and performer Heather McDonald returns with a second book—fittingly titled My Inappropriate Life—in which she introduces us to her husband, Peter, her three Catholic school-educated kids and a charmed-but-irreverent life in the San Fernando Valley.

The self-proclaimed “Real Housewife of Woodland Hills,” McDonald proves that it’s not easy to balance fame with family time, particularly when you’ve got a husband who’s terrible at collecting gossip, mean neighborhood moms who judge your potty-mouthed career and co-workers who just love practical jokes. We took a moment to chat with Heather McDonald about the new book, her longstanding stint onChelsea Lately and her very real friendship with the Kardashian clan.

A lot of the book deals with you balancing your career as a comedian with your family life. How on Earth did you find the time to crank out another book?
It was really hard, but I obviously wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. My first book ended at about 30, when I got married, and I have so many funny stories about being married with kids and working on the show. The majority of the book I wrote in three weekends when I took Fridays off and my husband took the kids to Mammoth. I didn’t drink, got up every morning at 6 and just wrote as much as I could. I did miss out on going to Mammoth all last year, but now my kids are older and I just went with them. I liked it so much more! They’re older, so they can ski, and I actually had a good time! [Laughs]

So you just cranked it out in a couple weekends’ time.
Yeah, I had an outline and knew which stories I would tell. I always tell people, it really is about getting the words down on the page. I would just try to get as much written down as I possibly could. Doing it by myself, sitting in my house—I’m never alone in my house—I really enjoyed it. I really had fun doing it. It was just hard to squeeze in time-wise. But when there’s a deadline and you’re getting paid, you’ll find the time. [Laughs]

For those who read your first book, how does My Inappropriate Life compare? Would you call it a sequel?
Yeah, it’s totally a sequel. My sister’s in it—she was in the first one as well. Peter’s in it—my husband. In Blue Balls, I was in the beginning of my career, and I had some funny stories about being taken advantage of and doing weird stuff for creepy people in Hollywood. This definitely is a sequel. 

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