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NEXT-PrEP Study Now Enrolling


Even before the FDA approved the HIV fighting drug Truvada for use as PrEP last year there has been a been a great deal of excitement coming from many people involved in the worlds of HIV health care, prevention, and advocacy. And those of us here at Positive Frontiers have been particularly enthusiastic and vocal in our support.

PrEP generates so much excitement because it is the first serious advance in the fight against HIV since the development of antiretroviral drugs in the mid 90’s. And it has the potential to help seriously turn the tide in our decades long struggle against HIV decidedly in our favor. But unfortunately there are still very few people have access to PrEP, as of yet.

The original iPrEx study only had about 225 enrollees living in the United States, and those were clustered around San Francisco and Boston. And since then very few doctors have prescribed Truvada for use as PrEP. There are no publicly available figures, but the total number of individuals on PrEP in the United States could probably be measured in hundreds rather than thousands.

With the CDC reporting that 50,000 individuals become infected with HIV every year, a few hundred people on PrEP is a drop in the bucket by comparison.

Fortunately a new PrEP study is being funded by the National Institute of Health through the HIV Prevention Trials Network and the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, and it is now accepting applicants...

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