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Katherine Kearns’ Family: A Valentine From KCET


Theater artist and HIV/AIDS activist Michael Kearns shares a short film by his daughter, Katherine Kearns, that will debut on KCET for Valentine's Day.

A Family Like Mine, a short documentary directed by Katherine Kearns, will air on L.A.’s KCET station on Feb. 14 as part of its Fine Cut series. This festival of films includes some of the finest documentaries, dramatic and animated short films by filmmakers from renowned film schools in California.
The film depicts the astounding issues that arise for children being raised by gay or lesbian parents. Katherine was raised by Michael Kearns, an openly gay and publicly HIV-positive theater artist.
As a student at Idyllwild Arts Academy, Katherine made the film during her junior year of high school, when she was 17 years old.
The “family” in the title encompasses several families; unconventional families that have inspiring and intimate stories to impart.
Katherine was brought up in an artistic environment and after success (on a nonprofessional level) as an actress, she turned to filmmaking, which turned out to be her calling. She plans to continue her studies abroad in a conservatory program.
Since filming A Family Like Mine, Katherine has assisted on several indie projects and is planning her first narrative short feature.

Watch a clip here: