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Watch: Getting to Know Out Singer-Songwriter Matt Gold


Whereas many artists have long hid behind the velvet curtain of the closet, Matt Gold is one singer-songwriter that has embraced his sexuality from the start. Growing up as an only child in small town America, his family is extremely religious and being adopted—he has found musical inspiration and not self-pitying pain.

This week, he drops the music video "Oh, Joe" from his debut album, Drown Before You Swim. Frontiers sat down the with busy artist between recording sessions to discuss the video, his album's success and those that have inspired him.

It's only been a half-year since your first CD was released. What's the response been like?
I'm continually amazed at how connected the fans are to the music, and it's very pleasing to know how positive a role model I am to the gay community.

Tell us about your new song "Oh, Joe." What is the story behind it?

"Oh, Joe" is a true story about navigating the ins and outs of a friendship.

And the new video—what's the concept?

The premise of the video is that Joe is continuously making bad decisions for himself and is missing out on what is right in front of him. The viewer is left to wonder if Joe will continue on this path or eventually evolve.

Why did you feel this song needed its own video?
Fans really responded to the honesty of relationship and I wanted to showcase the depth of my work.
Any gossip from the behind the scenes?
I never kiss and tell!

We have to ask—who's the guy in the video? He's adorable!
Matt Goodrich.

Has being an out artist helped or hindered your career—or a little bit of both?
Neither. I am always about the music first.

You've talked openly about being adopted and how that's influenced your artistry. How does that factor into your music?
That's what gives my music the loneliness and lost that I write about.

You also grew up Baptist and in small town America. What was that experience like?
You feel very sheltered and contained, and constantly wonder what lies beyond the boundaries that you know.

Every writer has their own "process" for writing and recording. What's yours?
The song always starts with me and then I get a feel for the lyrics.

Do you tour? Where can we see you?
Yes, I am currently touring: Franklin College on March 5, Indiana University March 23, Mr. C in Beverly Hills later in March. I am also performing May 23 at Black Cat in D.C. and the Dalai Lama in Louisville on May 17-18 for private engagements.

Who are your musical influences?
Tori Amos, Depche Mode, Massive Attack, Radiohead.

What else do you have in the works for the future?
A lot. I am publishing cell phone photos, several tours in the works, a new music video shoot and movie soundtrack projects.

Check out Matt Gold's new music video for "Oh, Joe" below:

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