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Head of DTLA's Art Walk: 'Pompous' or 'Really Awesome'?

I couldn't help but share this story posted by L.A. Weekly earlier in the week.

Joe Moller is the head of our city's über-popular Downtown Art Walk, an event that some criticize as no longer about art and simply an excuse for residents of L.A.'s many boroughs to venture Downtown and get wasted in the streets. As the Weekly notes, he's "no stranger to controversy" either, citing a story in which Moller is accused of demanding special event fees from vendors he is not entitled to.

But I digress.

The focus of this L.A. Weekly story is Moller's appearance on the Bravo TV reality show The Millionaire Matchmaker, a program that regularly exposes some of the most despicable personalities around (which is of course what makes it so watchable).

On the episode, Moller says quite a few things that will leave you thinking, "Who is this douchebag?" Among the real gems are his views on BJs, the homeless and women in general.

From L.A. Weekly:

The event organizer tells the show in his casting video that he expects oral sex on the first date and that his perfect woman "would definitely look like Eva Mendes and she would definitely be a good cook."

What else could make some city officials keep their distance? How about this line, in which Moller explains how he gets his day going in the morning and then heads to lunch:

I may then step over a few homeless people on the way to lunch with someone running for mayor or the captain of the police.

Good to know downtown's homeless can double as speed bumps.

Of BJs, Moller, a 37-year-old who says he grew up in Anaheim with a mother on welfare, says this:

Sex on the first date. Admittedly bad about the whole rules situation. I think part of, one of the definitions of being wealthy to me is having options. Very much think if you connect with a person the relationship should follow at some pace. And if that involves getting lucky on the first night, fantastic. To me if you made it that far in the evening it's been a great evening and you're connecting on a lot of levels, so I would expect to get a blowjob.

Perfectly logical.

Moller goes on to say his prospective date will likely see him two ways, as "being pompous" or thinking, "'Here's a guy who really is awesome.'"

[Added at 9:58 a.m.]: We should also note that, perhaps as homage to 1990s gangster movies about 1970s mobsters, Moller refers to potential mates as "broads." Or maybe he's just giving a shout to DTLA's newest art patron, Eli Broad.