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SCOTUS Seems Poised to Strike DOMA


Given Supreme Court Justice Alito thinking the idea of same sex marriage is newer than the cell phone—to which David Mixner takes scathing exception!—and Justice Scalia constantly referring to California Attorney General Kamala Harris as HE and suggesting that crusty old Southern Sen. Strom Thurmond could be a sperm donor until the day he died at the Prop. 8 trial yesterday – it’s getting harder and harder to think these political conservatives are “in touch” with the American people.

As ThinkProgress reports,

new poll from CNN/ORC International shows that 56 percent of Americans believe the federal government should recognize any same-sex marriage that is legal in the states, while 43 percent disagree. This is three points higher than CNN’s poll released last week, which found that 53 percent support marriage equality and 44 percent oppose it.

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