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San Diego's New Gay Mayor Plans to 'Clean Up' City Hall

It will be one week before San Diego Mayor Bob Filner officially resigns, but incoming Interim Mayor Todd Gloria is already charting the course of his impending administration, and it is clear he intends to be far more than a mere placeholder until the city charter-mandated special election to be held several months hence.

In a press conference on Friday, Gloria outlined his goals for his time as mayor and said that when Filner steps down next week, he will immediately order a “clean up” in San Diego City Hall—including a “top-down review” of San Diego’s city departments to ensure they are in compliance with city rules—and will tackle a backlog of public records requests that have languished as Filner’s administration became increasingly focused on the tsunami of sexual harassment accusations it has been forced to deal with over the last several months.

The openly gay Gloria—who represents San Diego’s Downtown, Hillcrest and North Park neighborhoods—recently won a second term on the council. He was a major supporter of Filner’s during his candidacy for mayor, but became one of the loudest voices calling for his resignation as accusations of sexual misconduct mounted and city business ground to a halt.