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Jane Lynch Fights to Revive the Arts, Eric Balfour Takes on 'Jesus Hates Zombies'

Matt Soram of Guns 'N Roses and Glee's Jane Lynch have joined forces with others to adopt their neighborhood's Rosewood School to revive the arts programs that have been cut due to California's budget crises.

Though the school is in their neighborhood, they are expanding their generous efforts to other schools. Via the website, the last three letters standing for Adopt the Arts, the group is trying to raise $85,000 per school to paint classrooms, bring in instruments and art supplies in order to resuscitate the performing and visual arts programs. In addition to the Rosewood School, they have expanded their efforts to benefit Baca Elementary, Figueroa Street Elementary and Van Ness Elementary.

Archie Kao, star of Quentin Lee's The People I've Slept With, recently shot scenes for Michael Mann's thriller Cyber. The plot brings together Chinese and Americans trying to solve a high-level case of computer hacking. The cast also includes Thor's Chris Hemsworth, The Help's Viola Davis, Lost's William Mapother and Graceland's Manny Montana.

A new season of the SyFy channel series Haven begins tonight and picks up six months after the season finale's devastating meteor shower. Joining the fourth season are Dexter's Christian Carmago, Hellcats' Emma Lahana and Eureka vet Colin Ferguson as a handsome mysterious stranger with a connection to Emily Rose's character Audrey.

Series star Eric Balfour will play the Son of God and direct the film version of the comic book Jesus Hates Zombies. I'll have to read the comic book to understand the concept. I mean, how can Jesus "hate" zombies when they have something very important in common—resurrection?