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Cheyenne Jackson is a Busy Boy, Plus Your Scoop on the Upcoming 'Glee' Soundtrack

Behind the Candelabra's Cheyenne Jackson joins Rent's Anthony Rapp in Opening Night, a film that details a high school's efforts to stage Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Jackson has been busy making Full Circle, an original series for Direct TV. Developed by Neil LaBute, the 10-episode show is based on La Ronde and will premiere next month. Anthony Rapp will costar with Glee vet Idina Menzel in the new Broadway musical If/Then.

Former Glee consulting producer Marti Noxon is developing a one-hour comedy drama series for Bravo based on the books The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. House vet Lisa Edelstein plays a self-help author who is trying to prevent her fans from learning that she is separated from her husband while she lives life as a single woman living in L.A. The biggest life changes come about when she starts following the advice of her divorced friends rather than the married ones. Edelstein will have a recurring role on the new season of ABC's hit Castle.

The next Glee soundtrack album turns away from normal release patterns and will be released Sept. 24, two days before the new season premieres. As two episodes will feature tributes to The Beatles, the new album will include some notable numbers made famous by the Fab Four.

Early word has the following songs and performers included on the release: Naya Rivera will team up with Demi Lovato for "Here Comes the Sun." Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer, Jenn Ushkowitz and Kevin Hale will be doing "Let It Be." Former white chocolate stripper Chord Overstreet will do the romantic ballad "Something" and join Ushkowtiz and Becca Tobin on "Hey Jude."

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