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Don't Talk or Text During the Movie! (Just Ask Tracee Ellis Ross)

A treat from one of Frontiers' favorite blogs, Kenneth in the (212):

A friend recently had a rather unpleasant experience being in the same movie theater as Diana Ross' 41-year-old daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross, who [chatted] and played on her iPhone throughout a recent showing of Her at the famed ArcLight Hollywood cinema. Because stopping bad behavior in movie theaters has sort of become my calling in life—along with eradicating subway nail clippers—I've decided to share the tweets with you. 

This isn't just about Diana's daughter—there's a Tracee Ellis Ross in every movie theater these days, people who think they are somehow more important than everyone else, so it's OK to disturb everybody else so that they can tend to their "important" personal business and chat with their companions—but here's hoping that publicly shaming one diva will be a reminder to the rest of these selfish idiots.

Below is a series of screencaps. Read them from bottom to top for full effect.