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'Mad Men' Returns Tonight, We Celebrate Jon Hamm's Love of Tight Pants (Photos)

The return of Mad Men, currently one of television's most celebrated programs, means that TVs will once again be graced on a weekly basis by the likes of Jon Hamm's gorgeous face. Rumor has it that the show's final season (albeit split into two parts) will take place in the year 1970 (or thereabouts), so we wait with bated breath to see what fashions Don Draper will be pulling off this time around.

But in addition to being recognized for his outstanding work on the show, Jon Hamm has made headlines more than once for his choice of wardrobe off-set. It seems that Hamm isn't too fond of wearing underwear, and paparazzi photographers are quite fond of taking advantage of that fact.

Meanwhile, it doesn't seem Hamm could care less about the hullabaloo regarding his lack of undergarments, and we sure as hell aren't gonna stop him.

Below are some of our favorite photos featuring Hamm at his bulgiest. 

As for those who apparently watch Mad Men for reasons other than staring at Jon Hamm's nether regions, here's a bit of what you can expect tonight:

The slow burn of the sixth season follows Don's descent into the bottom of a liquor bottle, which rocks his marriage and his career. Meanwhile, SDCP merges with Cutler, Gleason and Chaough to go after Chevy, reuniting Peggy with her former colleagues. All leading to Don's biggest meltdown yet.