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Los Angeles Times' First Ever LGBT Supplement with Frontiers Media Published Today

Frontiers Media in partnership with Flip has produced a special supplement to the Los Angeles Times out today, June 4, on all copies of the paper. It's the first LGBT supplement the LA Times has ever produced. 

It's the eve of L.A. Pride weekend—the moment when Angelenos and visitors gather to celebrate being out and living among friends throughout our many diverse neighborhoods. As a 33-year-old gay publication, from the days when press freedoms did not always seem a sure thing, the newly revamped Frontiers is in a unique position to observe and report on gay life. Our partner in this project, Flip, led by Tom Whitman, is the premier integrated marketing agency helping major brands connect to and engage with the LGBT community authentically and effectively. The Times will launch its new LGBT devoted site on June 20.

Throughout this issue we show a community that is tolerant, accepting and open. And we examine how those under the gay rainbow enliven and enrich their local environment. As Frontiers publisher Michael Turner wrote to readers in the issue, "Be proud of who you are, Los Angeles, and in the coming weeks we’ll celebrate our friendship right alongside our freedoms."

Inside the issue you'll find a diverse cast of Angelenos answering the question, "What is Gay L.A.?" In it AIDS activist Jewel Thais-Williams and founder of the legendary African American gay bar The Catch concudes, "L.A. is probably one of the gayest cities in the world."

There is also an essay by news editor Karen Ocamb asking another question, "Who really won the sexual revolution?" as well as "What do gays have that straight people want?" The cover illustration was created for Frontiers by award-winning artist Edel Rodriguez.

Please pick up a copy today or look for it at all the Pride events over the weekend including the Frontiers booth. And don't forget the special double issue of Frontiers magazine on streets now which includes features on gay mormon Neon Trees singer Tyler Glenn, the creator of hiphop's Bounce genre Big Freedia and an exclusive first look at a memoir by John Waters.

Follow Frontiers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for complete coverage of all the amazing LGBT events in LA this week, including Frontiers-sponsored events such as the gathering of gay mayors of the world in West Hollywood on Friday and the family friendly day Out at Universal at the Universal Studios theme park.