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  • Prang Runs for County Assessor, Trumpets Clean Up of Corruption

    Jeffrey Prang has been in and around the halls of city, county and state government for almost 25 years as both an elected official and senior administrator. If elected as L.A. County Assessor on Nov. 4, he would represent more people as an openly gay elected official than Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

    In the trajectory of his political career, Prang, a West Hollywood City Councilmember since 1997, didn’t aspire to be County Assessor, but he stepped up when he realized other candidates were not as qualified for this seemingly mundane, incredibly important job. In 1992, he had worked for then-Assessor Kenny P. Hahn and returned two and a half years ago to help fix the office after the scandal surrounding John Noguez, who is awaiting trial on multiple felony counts of bribery. (Noguez has denied the allegations.)

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  • Young Kim, Candidate for CA Assembly, Bashes Trans Students in Campaign Mailer

    MSNBC last month touted Young Kim as a woman candidate “to watch” in 2014.  No kidding! The first time Republican candidate for California’s 65th District, Kim, who is challenging Democratic incumbent Sharon Quirk-Silva, was recruited to the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) Future Majority Project.  And from the look of her campaign mailer, she’s trying to win—not by standing back from "social issues," like many of her GOP peers—but by trashing the trans student equal access School Success and Opportunity Act that the Religious Right and Frank Schubert failed to repeal AB 1266 earlier this year. 

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  • Coming to TV: Bruckheimer Adapts 'American Gigolo,' 'Richie Rich' Comes to Netflix

    Jerry Bruckheimer is pairing with Paramount television to make a TV series version of the classic 1980 Richard Gere film American Gigolo.
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  • Starbucks Ad Features 'Drag Race' Stars Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio

    Starbucks have released their first ever LGBT-themed commercial in partnership with OUTtv, and have brought in none other than the top contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race season six, Adore Delano and Bianca Del Rio.

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  • David Mixner Admits to Assisting 8 Suicides of AIDS Victims in '80s

    Gay rights activist David Mixner has admitted publicly that he assisted in the suicides of eight people who were dying of AIDS in the 1980s, including his own partner, Peter Scott.

    Mixner’s admission came during his autobiographical one-man show in New York, Oh Hell No!, when he discussed helping eight people die during the debilitating final stages of the disease. Mixner apparently consulted with lawyers before making the admission on stage, and thought that prosecution of him was “unlikely.” He told The Daily Beast the next day:

    “I am not worried, and what I did was right. In the end I wanted people to know about these decisions I had to take in my 30s that no one should have to take in their 30s.”

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  • WeHo’s 'First National' AIDS Monument Sparks Some Controversy (Video)

    “The West Hollywood City Council has approved construction of a national AIDS monument in WeHo Park, a project for which the Foundation for a National AIDS Monument has been fighting. The monument will be designed by artist Daniel Tobin,” we report in the current issue of Frontiers magazine. “The monument will memorialize not only the 650,000 Americans who have succumbed to HIV/AIDS, but all those who have fought the disease and cared for its sufferers.”

    All of this is true. The proposed AIDS Monument will be part of the $86 million renovation plan for the area in and around West Hollywood Park. However, the headline–“First National AIDS Monument to Be Built in WeHo”—taken from the Foundation for a National AIDS Monument’s mission statement and the headline of its Oct. 21 press release—“First-of-its-Kind AIDS Monument Announced in Southern California”—has upset friends of the significant 10-year old AIDS monument in Lincoln Park in East Los Angeles, The Wall Las Memorias

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  • Sex at Any Age: Use Your Penis as a Radar

    What’s the secret to a healthy sex life well into your golden years? Use your penis as a radar.  Whether you’re a young man wondering whether you’ll still be a sex-hungry stud when the golden years set in, or you’re a golden oldie who knows this to be true, it’s nice to know that a healthy man can have mad sex at any age. The key word here is “healthy.” The secret to good health—and subsequently an active and enjoyable sex life—is simple: eat right, exercise and avoid excess amounts of drugs and alcohol.

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  • Coming to TV: Neil Patrick Harris and Lily Rabe Set to Join 'AHS: Freak Show'

    While American Horror Story fans have been on edge hoping for word that Zachary Quinto will make an appearance on Freakshow, something almost as good has been announced.
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  • Gossip Gay: A Nighttime Bump & Grind

    I am happy to announce that my closeted soap opera star bestie is back with his mogul boyfriend. Regular readers will recall that he spent over two weeks clandestinely hunkered down in my guest room during their 13th breakup. Well, as happens in most queerly codependent cohabitating relationships, the two have “resolved their issues.” Said soap star has moved back into their Runyon Canyon-adjacent mansion, and all is supposedly right in their picket-fenced world.

    Now they’ve decided to take a two-week vacation through the Mediterranean, rekindling the fire they first felt upon meeting aboard an Atlantis cruise. (Could we get anymore gay cliché?!) I was brought into the picture when the somewhat-celeb couple asked me to house-sit. 

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  • Nick Jonas Had Girls and Gays Swooning at Tour Opener in Silver Lake

    Last night marked the debut performance of an all-new stateside tour by former Jonas Brother—and current gay obsession, thanks to a couple racy photo shoots—Nick Jonas. The former 'boy bander' crooned to an audience of Angeleno women and gay men at Satellite, a small club in the heart of Silver Lake, and was well-received by those in attendance.
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