West Hollywood Expands Access to Low Income Housing for HIV-Positive Individuals

One of the most imporant issues facing people living with HIV is access to affordable housing. Without the stability that comes from having a reliable home to call one's own, staying retained in care—and maintaining a suppressed viral load—becomes virtually impossible. Unfortunately the low income waiting list for the City of West Hollywood’s Inclusionary Housing Program has been closed to new applicants since 2005. But in an effort to broaden access to the program, the waiting list will be open to new applicants beginning July 1, 2013 through July 31, 2013. 

The applications will be available for pick-up at City Hall and the Plummer Park Comprehensive Services Center, beginning July 1.

The current rents for the low income program are as follows: 

Studio ($593)

1-bedroom ($676)

and 2-bedroom ($990)

Income Eligibility

Income eligibility varies by household size.  The maximum allowable income for a one person household is $44,951.  Please see  the program web page for more information about the eligibility requirements.

Moderate Income Waiting List

While the low income waiting list has been closed since 2005, the moderate income waiting has been consistently open for the last several years. The maximum allowable income for a one person household is $56,189.  An application may be obtained via the program web page or City Hall.

The current rents for the moderate income program are as follows:

Studio ($819)

1-bedroom ($937)

and 2-bedroom ($1,236)