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New MMWR: Revised Surveillance Case Definition for HIV Infection — United States, 2014
This document updates the surveillance case definitions published in 2008. It addresses multiple issues, the most important of which was the need to adapt to recent changes in diagnostic criteria.
Updated Fact Sheet: HIV Among Youth
This fact sheet discusses HIV infection rates in youth living in the United States. Youth aged 13 to 24 accounted for an estimated 26% of all new HIV infections in the United States in 2010.
Updated Fact Sheet: HIV Among American Indians and Alaska Natives
HIV is a public health issue among the approximately 5.2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN), who represent about 1.7%a of the US population.


My Life On PrEP



HIV/AIDS Fitness

  • Getting Fight Ready: Keep On Keeping On
    Now that you have your routine up and running, the emphasis will turn to how you keep yourself on point, turning up and doing the necessary work. The keys to remaining attached to a program are variety and goals. Let’s examine each: Variety It is highly unlikely that you will ...


  • Gratitude
    As a little boy, I had one dream. It was simple. I just wanted to be happy. I woke up this morning to find myself in a comfortable bed with warm blankets and soft pillows. I was in a small-sized apartment, on a beautiful tree-lined street in an awesome city. ...


When People with HIV Became Suicide Bombers
Maybe we should blame the criminal prosecutions of people with HIV on the mythical legend of Gaetan Dugas, also known by his slanderous nickname, Patient Zero. Dugas was a gay flight attendant from Canada who, according to Randy Shilts’ 1987 book And the Band Played On, was among the first people with HIV in the […]
Lessons Learned from Kissing a Straight Boy
Last night I kissed a straight guy full on the lips. Then he tenderly put his arms around me and kissed me back. Tonight I’m going to do it again. It sounds like conquest. Or breaking a taboo. At the very least it fulfills the fantasies of many a gay man. And it makes me […]
Will HIV Ever Be Safe Enough for You?
There is a classic episode of Oprah from 1987 that can still raise my blood pressure. That year, the tiny town of Williamson, West Virginia, became part of a national discussion about AIDS when Mike Sisco, who had returned to his home town to die of the disease, dared to step into a public pool. […]
Our Problem with Being ‘CURED’ of HIV
In the late 1980′s, I let this odd, fussy man into my office at LA Shanti, my first AIDS agency job. He seemed earnest and harmless and he just wanted a few minutes of my time. “I have the cure for AIDS,” he politely announced. Sadly, he wasn’t the first person to say that to […]
What Donna Summer Still Means to Gay Men
The music my friends liked when I was a teenager intimidated me. It was the head-banging rock of the early seventies, and it felt alien and unappetizing. Most of all, it just felt… straight, in a way I knew I could never be. Alone in my room, I listened to my beloved Broadway musicals, and […]
The Fog of a Thousand Years
“Remember when Billy Perry gave you a black eye?” David asked me. He stood on a ladder with a screwdriver in his hand.  I was holding up Mom’s new light fixture while David attached it to the ceiling. We took on the project during a visit I made back home a few weeks ago. “Of […]
The Sound and Fury of the PrEP Debate (and the Facts to Win It)
“We don’t know the side effects of this drug. It’s too expensive. Insurance won’t cover it. It hasn’t been studied enough. It will encourage slutty behavior. And why the hell don’t people just use condoms?”   – Objections raised to the oral contraceptive progesterone (“The Pill”), approved by the FDA      54 years ago. […]
Designing and Disclosing on Project Runway
If you’re considering how to best disclose your HIV positive status to everyone you know, here’s one suggestion: learn to sew. Television’s long-running reality hit Project Runway could be holding a spot just for you. Over the course of a dozen seasons, the fashion competition series has tackled everything from drug addiction to racism to […]
HIV Treatment Activist Nelson Vergel Faces Down Cancer
In the summer of 2013, thousands of subscribers to Nelson Vergel’s “PozHealth” listserv received a startling email from the HIV positive fitness and nutrition expert. “You are probably wondering why I have been so quiet the last few weeks…” the message began. Vergel, a trained chemical engineer who devoted himself to HIV treatment advocacy after […]
The Top Ten ‘Fabulous’ Posts of 2013
The year 2013 was a game changer for My Fabulous Disease, and I want to thank you for your clicks, comments, and shares.  I have more confidence as an advocate and a writer, thanks to you, and traffic for this blog more than doubled over last year! I’m bad at predicting which posts might resonate […]