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Neil McCormick
In 2004, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought to brilliant, heartbreaking life unrepentant teenage gay hustler Neil McCormick in the Gregg Araki-directed Mysterious Skin. Now granted, perhaps not the most obvious choice as a Fashion Icon, but I ask you honestly: Is there anything sexier than an angel with a dirty mind?Of course life on the mean streets isn’t all Fruit Loops and riding in cars with Michelle Trachtenberg—it can be a tricky fashion row to ...
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Chuck Bass
Wake up and smell the Bain de Soleil, Westsiders—spring is in the air. It's that magical time of year when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of—well, around here I guess other young men, but for the sake of this column, let's say shorts. Yes, you can now officially run amuck on the city streets in less clothes than usual without the 'Flip flops in December? He must be off his meds!' comments from ...
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Donnie Darko
Art Walk, that second-Thursday-of-every-month jamboree of booze hounds and gallerinas, is the perfect excuse to re-acquaint yourself with Downtown L.A. The streets are jam-packed with bustling urbanites and the ratio of homeless to hipster is 1:75. Granted, no one will be enforcing a dress code, but I think we can agree it’s always a good idea to dress for an occasion.Now, I’m not suggesting you don a silk-screened skeleton-print onesie from the Halloween Superstore ...
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