Since it was founded over 30 years ago, Frontiers magazine has always strived to tell stories of the LGBT community in all its facets. From chronicling our victories and defeats in the political arena to cataloging the latest developments in queer culture, nightlife and entertainment, Frontiers is committed to telling LGBT stories from a distinctly LGBT point of view.

But more than just reporting on our community, Frontiers has always helped to build that community and has acted as a platform that unites us and all our diversities. To that end, Frontiers launched its “Leading by Example” column in 2012 to put a spotlight on those whose efforts within our community are inspirational and deserving of our recognition.

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Damon Holzum
An educator with a sex-positive message
Damon Holzum grew up in Montana, raised by supportive parents who didn’t instill any shame or guilt in their children. While not a dinnertime conversation, sex was a pretty open topic in his household. In high school, Damon was sexually active, but it was always ingrained in him to be safe. That education, awareness and fearless spirit continued when Damon started exploring sex with boys. It also created the solid foundation Damon now uses as a sex educator and therapist. He hosts workshops in which anyone with an adventurous side—or even just a tickle of curiosity—will have a great time ...
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Michael Rohrbaugh:
Bucking the System
Michael Rohrbaugh is a writer, director, editor and social activist. Name a cause and he’s probably donated his time and talent to it. Most recently, he produced the gun control PSA New School Uniform in response to the Sandy Hook shootings. He’s also involved with the Fair Games Project, which is using Russia’s anti-gay laws and the Sochi Winter Olympics as a means of opening the conversation about gay rights on a global scale. Michael is currently working in Kenya, teaching high school students about filmmaking. Why is the issue of gun control so important to you? Gun reform is ...
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The Gentle Barn’s Kyle DiFulvio:
Rescuing Animals and People
The Gentle Barn was Ellie Laks’ dream since she was 7 years old. That’s when she started bringing home animals that were injured, hungry or lost—only to have her parents send them away. “I vowed to have a huge place full of animals where we could show the world how beautiful the animals were and the animals could show the people how beautiful they were,” she says. “It took me a while to create The Gentle Barn, but my dream finally came true 14 years ago. “The Gentle Barn is a place where animals and people alike can go to ...
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Lucky Strike’s Romy Mehlman:
Bowling for a Better Tomorrow
The best type of philanthropy is the kind that makes you forget you are giving back. Case in point: bowling at a charity event at Lucky Strike. The company has a long history of charitable work, but with the recent acquisition of Romy Mehlman, VP of marketing, it plans to ramp up its efforts even more—and that includes reaching out to the LGBT community. We spoke to Romy about her new role at Lucky Strike and how the company partners with various charities in a fun atmosphere. How did you first get involved in charitable work? I’ve always been interested ...
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Impulse Group’s Michael Eisman
Changing the Conversation Around HIV Prevention
Before being asked to join Impulse Group, Michael Eisman’s initial perception of the organization was pretty negative. “They were essentially a party planning committee in my view.” It was a criticism that had been echoed by other advocates for men’s health and HIV services. But Impulse Group has grown and changed since its early days. The organization now produces short educational films, hosts community forums on issues important to the health and lives of gay and bisexual men and is working hard to change the way our community talks about HIV. What is the mission of Impulse Group? Impulse is ...
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