British Bachelor Tom Daley Dives into Number One
Torsten Højer

Prince Harry is often touted as Britain’s most eligible bachelor, but there’s a new kid on the block who’s coming up strong against the ginger prince. Torsten Højer takes a look.

During his recent Diamond Jubilee Tour of Belize, the Bahamas, Jamaica and Brazil in honor of his Grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, the world saw Prince Harry going solo in an official overseas royal role for the first time. In doing so, he showed off his good looks, charitable nature and cheeky sense of humor, and reignited interest from the numerous annual polls asking the tricky question—"Who is England’s most eligible bachelor?"

Now that his big brother’s hitched, and girls’ dreams of becoming queen (and many a queen’s fantasy of becoming, er, queen) are shattered, it’s no surprise that all eyes are on still-single Harry.

Which lucky girl will he choose? What kind of girl should he pick? When should he marry? What kind of wedding will it be?

TBH, who cares? He’s still a hottie, yes, but there are many more handsome, rich, eligible guys in England that don’t come with the heavy price of 24-hour security and a dysfunctional family whose uncertain future is in the hands of the Great British Public.

Step forward, British Olympic diving hopeful Tom Daley. Eagle-eyed American hornbags may have noticed him already, but if you are yet to marvel at this well-formed creature, then you’re in for a treat.

It’s almost impossible to write about Tom Daley without sounding like a pervert. If describing A&F models, for example, one can discuss their well-toned torsos, the wonderful black-and-white Bruce Weber photography, the homoeroticism, their ample bosom; but when it comes to Tom Daley, well, it’s all about how snugly he fits into those ubiquitous speedos, and how parts of him bulge out of them.

The trouble is, he’s also still a teenager; just 17. He’s been in the public eye for many years, catching the attention of sporting fans and the media for his diving talent. And in the last two years, he really has become a man.

Daley began competing in national and international diving when he was just 9. Specializing in the 10-metre platform event, he was the 2009 FINA World Champion in the individual event by the age of 15. He represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics where he was Britain's youngest competitor, the youngest competitor of any nationality outside the sport of swimming, and the youngest to participate in a final. In the first post-Rome 2009 World Championships edition of the FINA World Diving Rankings for the 10-metre platform, Daley reached a new career best ranking of number one. He won two gold medals for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, in the 10-metre synchro diving (with Max Brick) and the 10-metre Individual Platform competition.

Phew! I’m exhausted just reading that back.

But that’s not all. Daley’s life story reads like the transcript of one of the finalists’ stories on The X Factor. His father, Robert Daley, died at age 40 of a brain tumour on May 27, 2011, after a long battle with cancer. His father had been a continuous support to Tom during his career and was determined to watch his son perform in the London 2012 Olympics. He had previously stated, "London 2012 is a massive motivation for me. And I am going to be there. Tom is the oil in my lamp and he's going to keep me burning." But it wasn’t to be.

In 2009, Tom took weeks out of school because he was the victim of bullying. “I can't have a normal school life like everybody else,” he told the BBC at the time. “It's not high-level bullying, just name calling, someone chucking a bit of paper at you, tipping your pencil case out.” Due to his experiences, he became a supporter of Childline, a UK-based free counselling service for children and young people experiencing distress or concern.

He’s also a straight-A student.

Don’t you just want to squeeze him until the morning comes?

To his credit, though, he’s also got a wicked sense of humor to rival Price Harry’s—and despite his early success, doesn’t seem take himself too seriously. Just watch this video of him dancing to LMFAO’s "Sexy and I Know It" whilst on holiday with friends and colleagues and you’ll get a picture of his character.

Anyway, after years of sideways glances and raised eyebrows at magazine covers of a scantily clad Tom Daley with no one quite sure whether it was OK to fancy him yet—"Is he old enough yet?’ people would whisper. "He doesn’t look that young anymore!"—Tom Daley suddenly announced he was 17 and revealed a buffer body than ever before. The nation breathed a sigh of relief as office girls and bar boys alike could now openly say ‘I WOULD!’ without worrying that they were cutting the age thing a bit fine.

So we know who we’ll be watching out for at this summer’s Olympics. And taking all into account, Tom Daley is the eligible guy with a capital E.

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