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The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible is a Worthy Obsession
To some it’s America’s automotive sweetheart while to others it’s a mid-life crisis on wheels. To car guys it’s one of the world’s best sports cars, while others see it as below-the-belt compensation. As a person who reviews cars for a living, I see it—as do many of my fellow car journos, gay and straight—as the most impressive new automobile of 2014. I’m talking about the Chevy Corvette Stingray. While its new styling is unmistakably Corvette, it appears to have been genetically spliced with exotic Italian DNA with its long, beveled hood, angular body sides and a bad boy backside ...
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2015 Ford Fusion Energi
A Fusion of Gas and Electric Power in a Dapper Package
I’m asked all the time about hybrids, and, frankly, I find them hard to love (especially the Prius). Plug-ins, on the other hand, including the Chevy Volt and this car, the Ford Fusion Energi, actually work for me. Why? Because you can drive them around as electric cars for most of the day (up to 24 miles in the case of the Fusion Energi), and when the juice runs out, you continue on your merry way sipping gas. Plug-ins are the best of both worlds.The Fusion is the most normal-feeling of all plug-ins, which should be reassuring to people ...
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Speed, Sound and Catnip
For most of Jaguar’s history, the company has built cars that look—well, historical. But Jaguar has been dipping into the catnip lately, building cars that are low-slung, lightweight and not a little bit irreverent. The all-new, two-seat F-Type sports car is the smallest, speediest and brashest of them all. Whether you choose the 340-hp V-6 or the rip-snortin’ 495-hp V-8, the F-Type can reduce its fat rear tires into pools of molten rubber without much provocation, though only the V-8 can be equipped with a popping, crackling exhaust system so loud and raucous you’ll have Harley Davidson riders yelling, “That’s ...
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2013 L.A. Auto Show Goodness
In about six months, the 2015 BMW i3 electric car will start whirring along the roads of Southern California, and just before this year’s L.A. Auto Show, I got a chance to drive the futuristic little thing. Here’s what I learned. For starters, there’s a lot of design going on here. Large glass panels, futuristic body panels, center-opening doors and cool light designs give the i3 a look like nothing else on the road. The cabin looks more like an industrial design project than a car interior, with floating info screens and a beautiful slab of open-pore bamboo that sweeps ...
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2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA250: What Price Class?
When gays think of Mercedes-Benz, most of us envision glamorous, spacious luxury cars with Autobahn-storming performance and bank vault solidity, so many a plucked eyebrow has risen at the idea of Mercedes offering its all-new CLA class for an eye-poppingly cheap starting price (for a Mercedes, anyway) of $29,900. On paper, the CLA is the stuff hipster dreams are made of—a message put forth in Mercedes’ famous Super Bowl ad wherein a starry-eyed 20-something declines an offer to sell his soul to the devil (played by the inimitable William Dafoe) since he could afford the car himself. First, it’s gorgeous, ...
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2014 GMC Sierra: Pickup Perfection
As much as Prius drivers claim moral high ground when it comes to getting around town on a whiff of gasoline, the fact of the matter is that people still like trucks. Big ones. And not just in Texas. And not just for contractors. Indeed, there are many people who just like big pickups, and for them there may be none better than the 2014 GMC Sierra. Along with its twin, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado (which, to be fair, is just as slick), the Sierra wears square-jawed styling that is both butcher and classier than ever. A little extra glitz ...
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2013 Bentley Continental GT V-8: What to Drive if You’re Rich and Single
For our Most Eligible Bachelors issue, we thought about the ultimate, money-is-no-object first-date sled. A Ferrari would be fun, though a tad obnoxious for a first date. A Rolls-Royce would bring all the spoils, but are we going to a formal here? Hope not. A Bentley Continental GT? Now we’re talking. I recently got a chance to sample Bentley’s newest Continental GT coupe model, equipped with its splendid new turbocharged V8, and found myself thinking that if a guy came and picked me up in one of these, it could be Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong and it would be ...
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2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: ‘S’ Stands for ‘Superlative’
Mercedes-Benz exhibited no shortage of audacity when it called its all-new flagship S-Class “the best car in the world” as it was introduced to the media earlier this year. With its slick new styling, sparkling LED lights and spectacular interior, it sure brought the wow factor, though for that claim to be anything more than hyperbole, it would have to drive at least as good as it looks. And after flying to Ontario, Canada, where Mercedes gave me my first chance to drive the big übersedan—which will start appearing in showrooms in September—I can say that it does. The LED ...
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2013 Lexus ES300h & 2014 Lexus IS250
Everybody Wins, As Planned
Unable to harpoon the entry-level, $35-50K luxury automobile segment to the same level of success that, say, BMW has had with its 3-Series, Lexus has adopted a strategy that brackets the segment with two utterly antithetical cars—the tidy IS sport sedan and the sprawling, tranquil ES. Now, I could pitch one against the other here and tell you which one is best, but honestly, in this case, everybody wins. Both are essentially brand-new cars; the V-6-powered ES350 and its hybrid ES300h twin were brilliantly redesigned for 2013, adding gobs of style and top-shelf substance like semi-analine leather and sexy bamboo ...
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Top 5 Gay Cars For 2013
Holy lambdas! Is it Pride season already? Based on how many rainbows and hot shorts we’re seeing out there, it clearly is. And since summertime is also a great time to shop for a new car, what better time to bring you my list of the Top Gay Cars of 2013? This year, I’ve found a little bit of everything from everywhere that could make us proud!  Best “Family” Sedan 2014 Mazda 6 Base Price: $21K Its beloved Miata notwithstanding, Mazda is one of the most under-considered car brands out there among gays. The slinky, all-new 6 sedan could change that, ...
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