Top 5 Gay Cars For 2013
Steve Siler

Holy lambdas! Is it Pride season already? Based on how many rainbows and hot shorts we’re seeing out there, it clearly is. And since summertime is also a great time to shop for a new car, what better time to bring you my list of the Top Gay Cars of 2013? This year, I’ve found a little bit of everything from everywhere that could make us proud! 

Best “Family” Sedan 2014

Mazda 6

Base Price: $21K

Its beloved Miata notwithstanding, Mazda is one of the most under-considered car brands out there among gays. The slinky, all-new 6 sedan could change that, however, with its head-turning styling, great interior and stunning fuel economy. The beauty of the Mazda 6 is more than skin deep, with a surprisingly Audi-like interior—complete with an available BMW iDrive-like control interface—as well as a powerful yet miserly engine that achieves fuel economy approaching hybrids. And at $21K to start ($31K loaded), it’s a serious bargain. Now that you know it exists, put some ‘family’ in this sweet family sedan.

Best Sports Car 2013 

Porsche Boxster

Base Price: $50K

If you, like many people, think the Porsche Boxster is just a poor-man’s 911, think again. The gorgeous 2013 Boxster is a supremely satisfying sports car unto itself, its longstanding virtues of telepathic steering, pan-flat handling and right-now thrust all taken to the next level. Best of all, the Boxster just looks terrific, with supercar-like proportions and more distinct headlamps and taillamps. And while it’s hardly cheap, the $25-30K you’ll save by not buying a comparably equipped Carrera Convertible will go a long way toward filling its two trunks (!) with some other fun things that’ll make you proud.

Best Luxury Car 2013

Audi A7/S7/RS7

Base Price: $61K

The Audi A7 is essentially an A6 sedan with a five-door hatchback body. A hatchback? For gays? Yep. With its swoopy roofline, ducktail tush, angular front fascia and sexy LED headlights, the A7 makes the A6 look like a pair of sensible shoes next to Louboutin pumps. Its four-place interior is similarly special, rendered in premium materials and assembled with the loving craftsmanship with which Audi has set the industry standard for decades. Starting around $61K and rising toward six figures pretty quickly with engine and interior upgrades, the A7 is expensive. Then again, such relentless sexiness seldom comes cheap.

Best SUV 2014 

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Base Price: $29K

Yeah, yeah—gays driving Jeeps is so cliché. But the truth is, the Grand Cherokee has never been a better match for us. With solid, Mercedes-derived bones, a high-feature interior and square-jawed good looks, the refreshed 2014 GC is one of those rare automobiles that feels right at home no matter where it is. Big news for 2014 is the availability of a quiet new “Ecodiesel” V-6 that can move and tow like a monster V-8 while delivering fuel economy solidly in the mid-20mpg range. Prices extend to $64K for the insanely fast SRT-8 model. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t go wrong with any.

Best Economy Car 2013 

Ford Focus

Base Price: $17K

With its combination of thriftiness, attractive price and, of course, great looks, the 2013 Focus is one of Ford’s sweetest products ever. Find it from basic to feature-laden, frugal to sporty. There’s even an electric version. But unless you’re a serious gearhead or an environmental activist, the sweetest Focus is the Titanium, with blackout exterior accents and slick, multi-spoke wheels. Available goodies include a parallel parking system, a high-contrast white-and-black interior and customizable ambient lighting. Also, as with the saucy Audi A7, the Focus is quite fetching as a hatchback. Score another one for the home team!

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