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Deconstructing the Myth of Gay Athens
After six years in the doldrums, Athens is back in business—with new buildings, shops, social projects all over town and a booming gay scene When you think of taking a European holiday, the usual suspects probably jump out at you—London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid. Sure, each is wonderful in its own right, but the city of Athens has something none of those others do—ancient history, lovely beaches within reach of the metro and lots (and lots) ...
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For the Love of Avalon
This peaceful getaway, only 22 miles off the Southern California coast, is an island retreat that doesn’t require frequent flyer miles  It’s been nearly a century since Al Jolson’s “Avalon”—in which he waxed sentimental about the crown jewel of California’s Channel Islands—rose to the number two spot on the music charts. Since then, the Puccini-lifting song has become a popular jazz standard, and Avalon—the only incorporated city on Catalina Island—has acted as isle ...
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A Trek Through Urban Oahu
A popular destination for SoCal mainlanders, Honolulu offers so much more than sandy exploits and underwater adventures—you just have to know where to look  Most travelers who hop aboard a flight to Oahu, Hawaii, are hightailing it across the Pacific for “R&R,” an extended vacation of lazy days spent in the ocean and lazier afternoons spent splayed out in the sand, but those tourists are shortchanging themselves. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with leisurely ...
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Life's A Ball in Vienna
This city of palaces and pastries, black tie balls and bathhouses, is as elegant as life on the silver screen during the Golden Age of HollywoodPhoto courtesy MRNY To wander Vienna during the blue hour at the height of ball season is to feel as if you have slipped effortlessly into a film by Max Ophüls or Ernst Lubitsch—Letter from an Unknown Woman, perhaps, or The Marriage Circle. One of those ...
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Do It on the Slopes
Whitman's Elevation Ski Weeks Return
“With the human rights stuff that's going on, there’s a potential for it to be an incredibly negatively overshadowed Olympics,” speculated two-time gold medalist for snowboarding Seth Wescott on the  upcoming  Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Undoubtedly, the international sporting event has taken a back seat to Russia’s government-supported discrimination against its LGBT community. With a ban on what the government calls gay “propaganda” and the sharp increase in violence against gays and lesbians, perhaps ...
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Let It Rain
A Guide to Seattle's Best Attractions
The Pacific Northwest—with its rainy climate, gorgeous scenery and granola-leaning population—serves as an idyllic setting for a quick getaway from Los Angeles. Seattle, specifically, is just a quick plane ride away and is filled with lots of fun activities and great food. It’s easy to get a cab no matter where you are in the city, but the way it’s laid out makes walking a breeze and a great way to take it all in. ...
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PDX: The Rose of Oregon
A favorite destination of Angelenos trekking north, the City of Roses contains everything gay travelers hanker for when escaping from our big city—comfort food, unorthodox accomodations and a laid-back bar scene—while not sacrificing sophistication or charm. Once you’ve visited Portland, it may well become your home away from home.  When you think of Portland, you may not think of icing-topped pastries or vintage-inspired meat, but you should. Voodoo Doughnuts is the city’s signature 24-hour ...
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Do It in the Desert
Phoenix Rises Anew
Marilyn Monroe’s favorite pool is in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, and you, too, can swim there. Early in the morning at the Arizona Biltmore, you might even have it to yourself—you and the spirit of Marilyn floating in the desert. For years, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert has served as a getaway for Hollywood stars and celebrities. Wisconsin-born architect Frank Lloyd Wright arrived in Phoenix in 1928, contending that there was “nothing more inspiring ... ...
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