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Grounded Guidance: The Fallacy of Hard Work
Frontiers' Conscious Living columnist Shaman Durek discusses what people mistakenly believe about hard work and why life can be easy if you choose. 
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Grounded Guidance: Information
Frontiers' Conscious Living columnist Shaman Durek talks about information—where it comes from and how where you choose to obtain your information can influence your own well-being.
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Grounded Guidance: Health and the Mind/Body Connection
Frontiers Conscious Living columnist Shaman Durek and Eric Nies discuss health and the mind/body connection. Watch the video below:
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Grounded Guidance: Being Authentic
Frontiers Conscious Living columnist Shaman Durek and his friend Eric Nies speak about the significance of being authentic and true to one's self in this week's video.Watch below:
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Grounded Guidance: Let Your Soul Be Free
From a very early age, we absorb and accept beliefs that actually deter us from our soul’s true purpose. Through society, media and the beliefs of others, we learn that in order to be happy and fulfilled, we must prove our success to others. So there we are, suspended in a cycle that we cannot see, building and destroying ideas and experiences that we deem valuable or not, based on what is seen through the ...
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Grounded Guidance: New Thoughts, New You, New Year
We did it! We made it through another year full of memories and experiences—some bad, some good, but most importantly, we made it! We didn’t make it alone, we made it together. This next year will be an exciting journey, where we will forge our way into new frontiers, just like the magazine that you’re reading right now, Frontiers, has done. 2012 will be an exciting year full of possibilities, where we can embrace new ...
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Grounded Guidance: A Gift For You
As we move away from feasting with loved ones and the experience of giving thanks, we enter the time of Yule, a period where we honor the year that has passed and the people we shared it with. We do so by remembering them through the exchange of gifts and social ceremonies such as parties and special events. This is a wonderful time for many—decorating Christmas trees, the smell of pine cones, burning of menorahs ...
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Grounded Guidance: Seasons Change, People Change
The end of the year is almost here. Summer came and went, and now we step into autumn, which is known in the Shamanic culture as the “Time of the snake.” It’s called that because it’s when we shed what we no longer need, just like a snake sheds its skin. The leaves falling and the air getting a little bit colder are symbolic of nature’s release. It’s a time to tune in to your ...
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Grounded Guidance: What Gets Your Attention?
Finding that inner peace we all long for can be very challenging, especially when living in an urban community. Most of us are inundated with responsibilities and obligations that seem never-ending. We do the same thing every day with different variations, all for the sake of maintaining what we call life. After a while, it feels methodical and robotic. We grow so attached to our desire for accomplishment that our basic daily routines become plain ...
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Grounded Guidance: Coming Out of the Dark
There are times when we open ourselves up and try to empathize and have compassion for others. We strive to be a loyal, good friend out of the desire to build authentic relationships that can last and grow. Likewise, we want to trust people and know that they care for us as much as we care for them. However, in most cases, that’s not the way it goes. It’s not because we did anything wrong—rather, ...
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