Grounded Guidance: New Thoughts, New You, New Year
Shaman Durek

We did it! We made it through another year full of memories and experiences—some bad, some good, but most importantly, we made it! We didn’t make it alone, we made it together. This next year will be an exciting journey, where we will forge our way into new frontiers, just like the magazine that you’re reading right now, Frontiers, has done.

2012 will be an exciting year full of possibilities, where we can embrace new ideas and concepts and awaken things within ourselves that we didn't know existed. It all starts right now with your thought process and how you decide to utilize your given energy. Most people spend this time of year making all kinds of promises to themselves, the proverbial "New Year’s resolutions.” However, these are just promises with no real deep spiritual meaning behind them unless the intention for change is really there.

It’s a game that many people play—they make and break promises and then wonder why they stay in the exact same place. The universe does not function like that; there is a quantum energy that permeates the entire planet—it’s called the law of attraction. We all are tapped into this energy and no matter if we believe it or not, it affects us all. Once we learn to master this law, we can create anything we want.

I’m not talking about the pop culture phenomenon, The Secret. I’m talking about your divine right to live happy and free, being one with your mind in a way that works for you, not against you. This energy does not discriminate on any level and is not held within any kind of religious belief or system—it’s always with you. It projects who you are out into the world. So what you’re getting, even if you don’t like it, reflects some aspect of yourself that, deep down inside, you feel is worthy for you to experience. This requires you to face that part of yourself that feels it should be attacked and not loved.

What should you do so that this year becomes the year to remember? First, write down all your fears—including things you deny being afraid of. Chances are the ones you think you’re not afraid of are the major obstacles holding you back. Look at them without judgment and ask yourself, “How do I act when these fears come up?” Keep an open mind. Then take each fear and place the opposing energy before you. For example, if you’re afraid of not having enough, then visualize yourself having so much more than enough. Then tell yourself that is your one and only truth.

Your mind is waiting on you to direct it—then the quantum energy is projected into the world and attracts all vibrations that are its signature match. Your spirit guides and ancestors begin to assist you in stepping into that reality. For most, the most challenging aspect of this is to believe. If you can master believing, even if the whole world is against you, you’ll be triumphant. The reason many don’t believe is because they hold onto past experiences and make negative predictions, based on fears that unpleasant patterns will rear their ugly heads again.

A good homework example for you is to rent the movie Sphere, a science fiction, psychological thriller starring Sharon Stone. In this film, the main characters come across an energy source that has the ability to take exactly what’s in their mind and bring it to life—good or bad. This movie is a perfect example, because that’s exactly how the universe works. The great thing about life is that Source gives us the ability to create a system that allows us to change negative thoughts into positive ones! So people can learn to master these universal principles and put them into action.

Start canceling out all of the negativity and thoughts and visualize what you want to happen before it does. Commit to it, believe in it and it will be! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook or check me out at

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