Grounded Guidance: Let Your Soul Be Free
Shaman Durek

From a very early age, we absorb and accept beliefs that actually deter us from our soul’s true purpose. Through society, media and the beliefs of others, we learn that in order to be happy and fulfilled, we must prove our success to others. So there we are, suspended in a cycle that we cannot see, building and destroying ideas and experiences that we deem valuable or not, based on what is seen through the eyes of another.

The fear that we are not living up to someone else’s standards and rules steers us away from our basic connection to our core self. This upsets us emotionally and creates quite a disturbance in our spiritual and mental bodies. Our ego is so bent on being loved and accepted by any one social group that we misplace the truth of what makes us feel safe, loved and happy on a core, inner level.

The programming we receive from the world infiltrates our belief system, causing us to think that if we can have this or that, we’ll be happy—all because that movie, billboard, friend or loved one told us so. Better yet, we think “Even if I’m not truly happy, they will be,” and that in itself is worth lying to ourselves. We end up feeling anger, discomfort and disdain, all while cracking a smile to maintain appearances and look like all is okay, when in truth, it’s not.

I, too, have been caught in this quagmire of foolishness and pride simply because I wasn’t willing to be downright truthful with myself in fear of what they would think. When you’re in this mess, it’s not fun at all. It seems like the problems keep piling up and you can’t get out from under them. You feel under attack by everyone and everything. In actuality, this manifestation of doom and gloom is based on your soul being fed up with you walking a path that is not in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

When your soul is unhappy, not-so-good events or “problems” occur on myriad levels. Some of us are aware of this while others are not. Those who are unaware have the most difficulty adjusting to these periods due to their inability to see the truth—the mind wants to hold on to the façade though the spirit is trying to let it go. This becomes a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama—all for the sake of keeping face and people pleasing.

What good does it do to hold on to this falseness? At what length will you go to keep convincing yourself that you’re indeed happy and in harmony, when in actuality, you’re completely out of alignment with your soul’s purpose?

It’s time to wake up. Start with a deep, profound soul search—ask yourself what the heck am I doing and why am I doing it? Take a moment to quiet your mind and evaluate what kind of life you’re living. Breathe deep and focus on the pure passion of being. Think about what you would be doing if you were truly following that passion without hesitation or disbelief. How would your life look and feel?

Source always guides us to a better, more loving place. All we must do is choose to act accordingly to the blueprint of our glory. Source has an ultimate plan for you, and the quickest way to find out that plan is to ask what your heart needs. An even better and more simplified way is to imagine you have a child with you and ask that child what would make you ultimately happy and well. Then act upon it without question.

You will find that your heart knows better than you, and that a beautiful heart is connected to the greatest love there is—Source. When you’re in that place, nothing can go wrong. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store. No matter what anyone else says to you about how you should live or act, you will know the truth, and that my dears, is why it sets you free. Follow me on Twitter @ShamanDurek or at for more insightful tips.

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