Fitness Q & A
Aaron Savvy, ACSM Certified Trainer

I want to start working out. Can you recommend any good gyms?
     —Jonathan, Hollywood

I would definitely start by looking for a gym that is either close to where you live or a gym that is close to where your work.
Besides the big chain fitness gyms, there are some amazing private gyms that cater to personal trainers both ‘private’ and ‘in-house’ that can train you to your specific fitness needs. What’s great about most private gyms is that a membership is not required. Private gyms cater to a trainer training you as opposed to you training on your own.

Personally I find training at Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood to be amazing. The trainers are experienced and know their stuff. Don’t be afraid to shop around and ask questions. Remember, It’s all about you, your needs and how you’re going to reach your goals.


I have been wondering if I should be taking an enzyme with my diet. What are your thoughts?
     —Kelly, Los Feliz

Yes. Enzymes are designed to ensure that you absorb the full nutritional value of your food. Enzymes support your body's systems for digestion of multiple food groups—carbohydrates like breads, pastas, sugars and potatoes; proteins such as chicken, fish and beef; fats, which include oils both saturated and unsaturated; you also have your fibers: fruits, vegetables and of course your cereals and grains.

I suggest taking an enzyme with every meal. If you are going to be consuming a fatty meal, I suggest taking two enzymes.


I watch your show Zero to Savvy and was wondering how often I need to be eating to achieve more muscle mass?
     —Zach, Hollywood

I workout 5-6 days a week, but I know my nutrition could be better. I want the best of both worlds. Can I eat whatever I want and still get my fitness results?
     —Michael, Long Beach

I wish we could eat whatever we want and obtain the body we desire, but unfortunately good nutrition is really the key factor. I call it 80/20—80 percent nutrition and 20 percent working out. Understanding the body and nutrition is like understanding the components of an automobile. If you neglect putting in or keeping proper levels of coolant, oil and gasoline, good luck with keeping your automobile alive.

We need to fill our bodies with lean meats, whole grains and vegetables. Establishing a pattern of healthy eating will put your body in alignment and allow you to get the fitness results you desire.

You are what you eat, so treat your body right. If you’re good to your body, your body in turn will be good to you.

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