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Founded in 1982 as a resource for the gay community during the early days of the AIDS epidemic, Frontiers helped give a face to the emerging gay culture of the time and promoted cityhood for West Hollywood. Today the magazine puts a spotlight on issues important to the LGBT community at large and continues to be a guiding voice, reflecting the trends and lifestyles of its Southern California readers.

For over three decades, Frontiers has been the voice of the Southern California LGBT community, the one-stop resource for news, events, lifestyle, arts and entertainment coverage. Over the years, Frontiers has informed readers of landmark moments in the community’s fight for equal rights, documented celebrity coming out stories and reported on advances in research, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Every two weeks, a loyal readership eagerly picks up the magazine to discover what is happening within our community. The magazine is distributed throughout Southern California, covering Los Angeles and West Hollywood extensively but also focusing on communities as wide-ranging as Long Beach, Orange County, Palm Springs and San Diego. 

Frontiers has spent more than 30 years as a trusted brand created by and for the LGBT community. Whether on the forefront of our fight with AIDS or our fight for marriage and other equalities, whatever that next frontier is, Frontiers will be there leading the way.



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