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Swimsuit Issue: Hot Guys, Sizzling Style

A look at essential swimwear style for Summer 2014

Produced by Ed Baker

Photography by John Fallon

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India’s Crown Prince Manvendra is Single and Ready to Mingle (Video)

On May 3, 2014, the only out royal in the world, Crown Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, not only posed flawlessly for the cover of Frontiers in traditional wardrobe, jewels and gifted eagle feather under the oppressive heatwave sun of the Andaz rooftop—which I’m told was relatively comfortable compared to the temperatures in his Rajpipla hometown—but graciously invited us into his suite for an on-camera interview with reporter Karen Ocamb. The Prince and Karen chatted for nearly an hour, discussing topics from the repeal of India’s Section 377, which recriminalized homosexuality, to the Prince’s own personal love life. Pay attention, readers, the Prince is—and I wish I could quote the restrained regal impish delivery, “single and ready to mingle.”

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Moroccan Roll Nights: L.A. Fashion After Dark

Nestled among a fairly quiet stretch of Sunset Boulevard sits one of Hollywood’s most iconic, storied works of design. For 42 years the space housed famed Moroccan restaurant Dar Maghreb, but last year the venue was reborn as Acabár, best described as an international journey for the senses, inviting you to drink, dine and dance with abandon. 

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Marco Marco Unzipped (Video)

Behind the supermodel stares on Frontiers’ 2014 Style Issue cover and accompanying Marco Marco editorial was a bit of hooliganism. Bradford Rogne, who photographed David Cruz and Willam for Frontiers in the past, invited us back to his Downtown studio for more glossy fun. Marco Morante has teamed up with Frontiers from the styling angle on such stellar shoots as our American Horror Story (Season 1) homage in 2012, but this was to be his first stint with us in front of the camera. Of course, he styled as well.

Marco was a natural, flanked by the handsome and surprisingly limber David Rahal and stunningly beautiful Jodie Davis.

Take a peek behind the scenes, scored with the appropriately fashionable grooves of Hi Fashion.  

Check out the full gallery of images here.

Makeup and Hair by Jacob Aguirre
Digital Retouching by Felipe Menezes

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Deeper Into the World of Marco Marco (Photos)

Check out this extended gallery from our “Inside the Whimsical World of Marco Marco” cover story.   

Photography by Bradford Rogne
Featuring Marco Morante and models Jodie Smith and Davis Taylor Rahal
Makeup and Hair by Jacob Aguirre using MAC Cosmetics,
Digital Retouching by Felipe Menezes

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Paul Moschell’s Fabulous Hat Day Project

Is that your fabulous porcupine quill hat? Paul Mocshell has been generating fun and striking artwork for years with tinges of Maurice Sendak’s innocent nostalgia sullied by the pop distortions of Camille Rose Garcia. I’ve only become familiar with this Denver artist’s work through the power of social media, and in that realm I’ve gotten glimpses of a prolific, upbeat and shy-on-video tattooed He-man … who seems incredibly nice. Paul’s latest gig is hat-making. They are super cool. And if you hurry up, you can help him meet his GoGetFunding goal tonight!

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Frontiers’ Awards for Oscars Acceptance Speeches

Stuffed between a Hirschfield-style viral selfie and the birth of Adele Dazeem were a few acceptance speeches at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. Here are our awards in the following categories.

This three-way tie reminded us that things matter outside the industry bubble.

(1) CATEGORY: Documentary Short Subject
SPEECH BY: Malcolm Clarke for The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
“The amazing Alice Sommer died one week ago today. She was 110.” 

(2) CATEGORY: Documentary Feature
SPEECH BY: Morgan Neville, Gil Friesen and Caitrin Rogers for 20 Feet from Stardom
Neville: “Our other producer Gil Friesen—this was his idea, and it was his baby. And when I first met with him, I remember he said, ‘I want to win an Oscar.’ I remember thinking, ‘You’re crazy. That will never happen.’ Gil passed away just a few weeks before we premiered the film at Sundance.”

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Tweet of the Day, February 25, 2014

A friend asked if my partner and I would be mimes at a Hollywood film fundraising party. After my initial shock subsided, I recommended two great sports better suited for the challenge—a young handsome gay couple who had fun and shared a photo opp with beloved AHS: Coven witch Queenie. But even powerful witches can be frightened by the likes of mimes, as Gabourey tweeted. The alleged “boner” may have been a result of mime-induced hysteria … or just a guy’s impressive DNA.

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America the Beautiful—and Gay

Just a quick history note to address some of the backlash over briefly featuring a gay couple in Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad. Katherine Lee Bates, who penned “America the Beautiful,” was a poet, professor at Wellesley and 25-year partner to Katharine Coman. i.e. She was a gay role model. Do the Tweeters peeved over the desecration of our National Anthem realize that (a) the tune lost out to “The Star-Spangled Banner” and is indeed not the national anthem? (b) Bates was the daughter of a minister and school teacher and therefore likely exposed to a pretty “decent” value system? and (c) that they’ve been singing a gay song in school, at sporting events and political gatherings all these years? 

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Sports Wear: Cross Fitness with Fashion

In our current Health & Fitness issue, we featured the below photo shoot featuring some of the best wardrobe options for your workout!

Jock strap by Pump; running tights by LASC Sport; gloves by Harbinger; watch by Vestal

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